Smart TV – What is It?

With the modern technology, demand for smart TV is rising rapidly across the world. A smart LED TV has an inbuilt internet connectivity enabling it to access a variety of online services. However, smart TVs are also referred to as hybrid TVs since they don’t have any automation and require either, set boxes or HDTVs to access extra features. Most of the smart TVs have Ethernet port that allows you to connect directly to your set box. Some of these TVs have applications enabling them to connect to Wi-Fi. After connecting, you can now access features such as online networking platforms, messaging and so on.


The advantage of smart TVs is their simplicity. You can access your online services without using other devices. When you turn on the smart TV, you just navigate from the menu on the screen to the apps you want to use for surfing the web. Smart TVs as observed above has social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also access you tube, movie trailer and also a subscription to Netflix where you can access movies and TVs shows.

The smart TVs menu has been improved as technology develops. And they are more user-friendly and to an extend they have voice activated systems.


Types of smart TVs

Smart TVs are in variety from different companies; hence they differ in features and applications. The generations vary on how they work due to upgrades and general tech advances.

LG smart TVs – their latest being LG smart+ TV, offers a variety of services including smart share. NFC technologies allow the smart TV to move content from one device to another.

Samsung smart TVs – they focus of smart hub and multitasking. The smart TV allows you to watch multiple shows at once. You can also access social media and games. Most of Samsung smart TVs have voice systems.

Some of other industries with smart TVs include Apple, Phillips, and Sony. With a smart TV, you can turn your home into smart home. However, you should be aware of the fact the smart TV price can be a factor why someone buy the product.