HDTV Reviews: Vizio E70u-D3 Ultra HD SmartCast Display Series

Vizio continues to push the home entertainment envelope in exciting and smart directions. The launch of the Vizio E70u-D3 Ultra HD SmartCast Display Series again raises the bar with superior picture quality, pristine sound and the ability to further embed the system into your smartphone and tablet through a range of innovative applications. Matched by a sleek new design, borderless contours and a slim frame, the Vizio SmartCast Display Series work either mounted to a wall or as a few standing unit, minimizing the required structural support.

Ultra HD

Clarity has rarely been so sharp in a home entertainment system. Powered by 8.3 million screen pixels, the E-series allow for a 4K Ultra HD picture, providing the viewer with a heightened visual experience with highly articulated details and piercing picture quality. The pixel presentation is nothing short of revolutionary, and you will notice the difference.

LED Zones

With its new E-Series, Vizio has invested heavily in advanced LED technology. The new systems are powered by 12 active LED Zones. The LED Zones provide innovative levels of light adaptability, adjusting your screen’s backlight to the content on-screen. The result is incomparable contrast levels, sharper details and the deepest, purest black levels.

SmartCast Experience

Say goodbye to your TV guide forever. Simply download the SmartCast app and you have completed visibility over what’s playing on multiple apps in a single source. To transfer your choice to the big screen, simply tap and sit back. It’s that straight-forward.

Google Cast 

A hallmark of all VizioSmartCast products, the Google Cast feature allows you to cast your favorite content from your phone to your TV/display or speakers. In addition to the mobility element, the Google Cast feature allows you play games on the big screen while using your mobile screen as a game controller. The ability to mirror your Android™ phone screen or Google chrome browser is also a vote winner.


  • Simplified design
  • It’s a 4K TV
  • LED Backlight technology
  • Comes with 12 Active LED Zones
  • VIZIO SmartCast
  • Built-in Google Cast


  • You may need a soundbar to get the most out of this 4K TV


Overall, serious fans of both sharp picture quality and innovative app-based technology will embrace the Vizio E70u-D3 Ultra HD SmartCast Display Series with vigor. The relative ease of installing the apps and powering the system to your own specifications will ensure that the Vizio E-Series will also find fans in the community of armchair TV viewers.