HDTV Reviews: VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

The VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV can be a solid investment. It’s a well equipped modern HD television that demonstrates beautiful clarity and definition along with modern amenities that are actually quite affordable when one considers what you get. Some of the nicer attributes for this model are the lightning fast processor built into it, the ability to increase the HD levels, and as mentioned before, it’s actually quite affordable.

Features and Specifications

  • Delivers stunning Ultra HD picture
  • Comes with 120Hz of effective refresh rate
  • Features Spatial Scaling Engine to upscale any 1080p Full HD movies and TV shows to spectacular 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • It’s a Smart TV
  • Equipped with V6 Six-Core Processor, Quad-core GPU with Dual-core CPU so you can enjoy faster and smoother Smart TV

4K Ultra HD

This is one of the greatest features on the VIZIO D55u-D1. You can adjust any movie, games, or TV shows you are watching in HD to Ultra HD using the upscaling option. The clarity is considered one of the best in the industry; providing crystal clear pictures and a level of detail that you generally only get in movie theaters. With this model, you can watch your movies and television shows as they were meant to be seen; with vivid saturation and sharp detail.

Spatial Scaling Engine

This phrase sounds like something from the future but it is totally easy and makes sense once it’s explained using normal terminology. It is the technology used to scale lower resolution content up to near 4k Ultra High Definition. It’s almost like seeing it live in front of you, as clear, if not better than your own vision.

V6 Core Processor-Quad Core GPU-Dual Core CPU

Ok, more technical terms, but they will be explained; these just refer to how fast the processor is. As this is a smart TV, and you will be streaming movies, playing graphics heavy games, and connecting with the internet and using apps, it is definitely a necessity to have a processor that can keep up. We have all experienced the frustration that comes when you have to wait and download a movie or it stops halfway through because your computer can’t process it fast enough. With the speed and power of this machine, that will be a thing of the past.

Overall, to purchase the VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV is a sound idea. The only thing you’d think you’d have to worry about would be the power it consumes. Then you’d be wrong! This is an energy star TV, and with the speed, clarity, and the sheer size of the TV, this is great. You’ve got the power as well as the efficiency. In addition to all the great internal benefits, the outside delivers as well. It looks very sleek and modern, for a flat screen it is a bit on the thicker side, but it’s hardly noticeable, it’s just something important to note if you are looking for something that has an ultra thin profile. It’s a great TV at a reasonable price and most people would be happy with this particular purchase.