HDTV Reviews: VIZIO D39h-D0 D-Series 39″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV

Televisions are getting smarter, so isn’t it time you got smarter too? It is time to throw away that old TV and switch to something with a bit more brain for your buck. The VIZIO D39h-D0 D-Series 39″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV is a television that will put your old television to shame. Great picture, smart capabilities, and interactive qualities change the way you view TV, literally. Televisions need to do more than just broadcast a picture nowadays.

The VIZIO may not do it all, but it certainly does most of it. If you don’t feel like watching TV, use your television to browse the web. Want a video game experience that changes your life? Hook up your gaming device to your new television!


The VIZIO D39h-D0 and the screen is high-quality LED display. The television screen is perfectly sized for getting the full entertainment experience. The modern and sleek design will make this television the centerpiece of any room. Only 14 lbs, this television is easy to pick up and carry anywhere. Whether you need it downstairs for a game or upstairs for gaming, its lightweight nature makes it very useful. Thin and practical, this television would look good in any home. Your guests are going to want to know where they can get one.

Multiple Uses

Televisions aren’t just for viewing movies anymore. The VIZIO is perfect for watching movies, television, and sports games. The clear picture will take video gaming to a whole new level. The VIZIO also comes with built-in WiFi. This will allow you to stream media from your couch. You also have the option to use the WiFi in tandem with VIZIO internet Apps Plus. Searching the web in the comfort of your own home has never been easier, or smarter. The television comes with 2 HDMI ports which allow for enhanced compatibility. Attach other media devices to the TV to add to your entertainment experience.

The Display

This television broadcasts 39 inches of pure, brilliant beauty. With an LED screen that boasts a crisp, clear picture, your eyes will find out what they have been missing for so long. Viewing the VIZIO screen puts life in a whole new perspective. This perspective is more detailed, crystal-clear, and high quality. Not only will the grass seem greener, but you will see every blade of that much greener glass. Life is just better in HD.


  • Lightweight
  • Clear picture
  • Multiple uses
  • Built in WiFi


  • Could use more HDMI ports

In summary, the VIZIO D39h-D0 D-Series 39″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV is a great piece of technology. It takes one of American’s past times and makes it even better. TV technology is continuing to advance, and it seems that VIZIO is keeping up with its competitors in the entertainment market. Whether you are viewing a movie or browsing the web, this VIZIO Smart TV will definitely make you feel that you purchased something that is worth your while.