Uvistar Wireless Home Cinema Multimedia Projector Review

If you’re looking for a compact device that lets you watch movies at home or away with relative ease while avoiding having to huddle around a small computer screen, then the Uvistar UC46 Wireless Home Multimedia Projector might be just what you need. Its design allows for travel while at the same time providing a quality resolution and use with a variety of devices.

Wireless Connection

Due to the wireless design, there is no need to worry about bringing along an HDMI cord in order to watch anything almost anywhere. The Uvistar UC46 projector is able to connect without wires to smartphones, laptops, desktops, speakers, DVD players, or tablets. It even has a port to plug in a USB flash disk and a port for an SD card.


At only a kilogram in weight, this projector is a good fit for those who desire to watch movies or shows on a large screen in many places without too much effort. It is possible to store in a space with dimensions measuring less than foot. It can even be used outdoors. However those who purchased the product recommend the use of external speakers when doing so.

Picture Resolution

While the standard resolution for this product is 800×480 pixels, this home theater projector is also able to reach resolution up to 1080 pixels which allows for a much more pristine picture. A clear picture can be seen up to 130 inches wide. The product can be placed anywhere from about 1 to 4 meters from where the picture is shown as well as angled up to 15 degrees.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Comes with remote control
  • Very affordable


  • The fan may make noise after a period of using time, but it’s nature as it tells you to better turn the device off for about three hours to avoid overheating

Bottom Line

In summary, the Uvistar UC46 Wireless Home Cinema Multimedia Projector can be a great buy since it’s very affordable and it comes with lots of features to provide you with the best watching experience. It delivers high performance cinematic quality pictures and support HD 1080p video. This mini projector can change your sitting room onto a high definition movie theater.