HDTV Reviews: Toshiba 55L7400U 55-Inch Smart LED TV

Toshiba has been known for their high processing many featured computer models that are better in capacity compared to most of their rivals. Today, Toshiba still surprises us with the quality of electronic they manufacture. The impeccable quality and style.

Toshiba 55L7400U 55- inch 1080p 240 Hz smart LED HDTV is a kind of television created for the whole family to enjoy. It is very slim and can therefore be anywhere in the home without inconveniencing the decoration of the home. The black color also comes in handy to match the color of the home rather than disorient it.

Cloud TV

Unlike most televisions that recommends content based on trends, the Toshiba 55L7400U recommends programs according to a user’s watching habits. It learns what you like watching and records automatically those types of programs and recommends programs based on the content you prefer and love. It also allows you to browse to on the web to sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and many others and catch your favorite shows

1080p full HD and 240 Hz

This television set is has remarkably clear content and a clear scan 240 Hz refresh rate that will leave you feeling like you can actually experience the action right there as it unfolds.

DTS Trusurround

These speakers help you create that virtual experience you long for with other models. The clear sound and rich in bass will be attractive to all house hold watchers. It is particularly appealing when watching action movies of cartoons for your children. It high frequency, clear dialogue and precision of details will leave you feeling like you were right there with the movie producers.

Game mode

If you are a gaming person and are tired of dealing with game controller delays, this will be for you. The combination of the crystal clear images and the high frequency clear sound it will give you the thrill of playing creating an almost live feel. This feature also reduces the game control delays.


The TV comes in handy with a USB port that allows you to play music, watch videos and view photos without having to go through the hustle of buying a DVD reader.


  • Crystal clear images and sound
  • Smart functionality
  • Excellent color displays


  • The cloud menu does not have a log in portal
  • Does not have access to all current apps


Toshiba 55L7400U 55- inch 1080p 240 Hz smart LED HDTV is a family TV that is truly worth the money it is being bought at. It creates entertainment from a whole new perspective.