HDTV Reviews: Toshiba 40L2400U 1080p LED TV

Level up your TV-viewing experience with the Toshiba 40L2400U LED HDTV, which focuses on a delightful mix of entertainment and power-saving (ENERGY STAR-certified). Prepare to revel in crystal-clear and fully-defined images that meet today’s modern TV standards, perfect for your family get-togethers, weekend movie and TV marathons, and gaming sprees.

Dynalight and ClearScan Guarantees Crisper Details and Better Support for Fast-Moving Videos

If you are a big fan of sports and action films and want to get a better view of every detail and transition, then you will really love this feature. The ClearScan 120 Hz technology effectively reduces the instances of blurry images with the use of advanced image processing. And it does so without affecting the vividness or brightness of the images. This is because of its 120 Hz refresh rate which is practically twice the rate that standard televisions have.

Dynalight, on the other hand, makes sure that the quality of the details is maintained through automatic adjustments of its built-in backlight, resulting in more realistically rendered images.

Play More with Colors and Contrasts

ColorMaster gives users full control over picture quality by adjusting brightness, hue, and saturation. Once this feature is activated, you are given a plethora of colors with which you can choose from to adjust the said factors according to your preferences. The Dynamic Picture Mode works in synergy with the ColorMaster as it is responsible for contrast and delivery of detail. This serves to give your viewing experience its much-needed life-like touch.

Game Mode Provides Full Gamer Support

Game Mode makes it possible for gaming responses to occur faster by reducing the delay that it takes for the signal to travel from your controller to the screen. This is especially helpful for games that require you to have fast reflexes or for those who simply want to play games the way their developers intended them to be played. This mode also has GameTimer which is designed specifically for gamers who want to limit their game-playing times.

If you want a TV for general purposes, that is responsive to its users common needs and preferences, then you should look no further than the Toshiba 40L2400U LED HDTV. It practically has every feature that you would ever look for in a modern television.