TiVo BOLT 500GB DVR and Streaming Media Player Review

Are you looking out for the perfect DVR and Streaming Media Player? Are you bored of commercial breaks in your recorded shows, eating away into your entertainment time? Do you want the freedom to speed-up and slow down your shows to your convenience? Then the TiVo BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System – DVR and Streaming Media Player is the perfect choice for you.

The TiVo BOLT is designed to work around your present system. The 500 GB recording system helps to record up to 4 shows at once! The Unified Entertainment system is designed with just one motive- your entertainment in the best possible manner!

Some of the features integrated into this DVR and streaming media player are:

  • Completely compatible with UHD/4K. The high pixel density makes watching the picture on a large screen a highly enjoyable experience, with clearer images.
  • Single simplified and searchable system. The TiVo BOLT 500GB unifies all TV channels and streaming content. This makes surfing the content a seamless and highly enjoyable experience.
  • Quick Mode features. You may want to make the world go faster. The Quick Mode can help you with this as it allows you to watch recorded programs 30% faster while the audio is still in normal pitch.

Additional features include:

  • The set weighs a mere 1.9 pounds and works on 2 AA batteries.
  • Can record up to 4 shows at once.
  • Has a 500 GB capacity for recording
  • Is designed to work with the existing HD antenna or cable
  • Can stream and download to mobile devices as well
  • Skip Mode enables the user to skip entire commercial breaks at the press of a button
  • Quick mode helps increase the speed of slow-motion pictures while auto adjusting the sound quality.

In short the TiVo BOLT is a highly unconventional and innovate product that is truly a gateway into the future of entertainment.

Any drawback?

Positioned as a basic Box, the unit does not support too many apps, which is a disadvantage for the product. The recording facility being offered as part of the product is also very elementary.

All in all, in case you need to replace your cable company’s equipment, then the TiVo BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System – DVR and Streaming Media Player can be a perfect option. This device will work well with your recent digital cable service and even High Definition antenna. It also offers search and control features that you won’t get anywhere else.