HDTV Reviews: TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model)

Do you want to enjoy real life pictures with your friends and family members? Then it will be wise for you to get the TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV and experience premium quality picture through the slim flat screen LED HDTV that can be easily placed at any part of your house in an easier way. Below have been discussed some of the unique features of this HDTV that will make you amazed.

Experience vibrant color and sharper images using True Color Technology

This is one of the major features of this HDTV. You will be able to experience sharper images with the help of this LED HDTV that has 40 inches wider screen with a high resolution of 1080p. The true color technology of this HDTV will enable you to enjoy true images having brilliant contrast and color. This unique technology will also maintain the natural brightness and thereby help you to view the picture with true efficiency.

Has a sophisticated and sleek design

This is also one of the best parts of this TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model). Facing shortage of space in your home and thereby unable to buy a true HDTV? Make sure to get unique television from TCL, one of the largest TV manufacturers. The design of this HDTV is highly sophisticated and yet extremely thin. This will enable you to fit the TV even within a small space. You will also get the opportunity to wall amount the TV to maximize the space in your room.

Enable you to connect multiple devices

This is also one of the vital features that most users around the world search for. This unique HDTV will surely fulfill your requirements as you will be able to connect various devices without any difficulty. Some of the types of inputs of this television are USB, VGA, HDMI and MHL. You will also be able to connect various entertainment systems to improve your experience in an easier way. There are also three HDMI inputs available in this HDTV that will enable you to connect DVD/ Blu-ray player, Cable TV, Computer and various other gaming devices.


  • Since this television compliances energy star 6.0, you will be able to save lots on electricity bills and hence save lots of your valuable money.
  • The HDTV has a sleek and sophisticated design which will enable you to install the television at your own suitable space in your home.
  • Has in built True color technology and thereby give you the opportunity to watch true color pictures.
  • Will be able to connect multiple devices in a convenient way.


  • This may not be a Smart TV but is truly a good investment for your valuable money.

These are some of the wonderful features that you will be avail to enjoy after owning the TCL 40FD2700 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV. The various advantages of this affordable HD television will surely give you the chance to meet your requirements. The amount of picture clarity that this television offers will surely make the members of your house amazed. Get this True life HDTV and watch your favorite shows in a different way.