HDTV Reviews: TCL 32S3850 32-Inch 720p 60Hz Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

America’s reputed streaming service, Roku and the world’s largest selling TV brand, TCL have joined hands to create a new innovation in terms of technology and design. This innovation is the TCL 32S3850 32-inch 720p 60 Hz Roku Smart LED TV. Smart TV has never known such simplification before as it has in this product. In spite of being designed according to the latest technology, it is highly simple to operate and provide endless opportunities of entertainment the viewers.

A huge selection of streaming channels

The Roku smart TV is the ultimate source of entertainment, as it houses more than 2000 streaming channels that showcase an equally exhaustive number of movies, TV episodes, live sports, family talk shows, music videos, news broadcasts and many more! Viewers can tune into any show, as there are several shows pertaining to a huge range of topics such as science, technology, religion, politics, fitness, sports, tourism as well as foreign languages. There are numerous free channels and no extra fees for watching movies on Netflix, if you have already subscribed. Such offers surely make watching TV, a delightfully addictive experience!

Your favourite TV show, now just a touch way

The TCL 32S3850 Roku Smart LED TV is designed to provide a wholesome experience to the viewer, in terms of both, entertainment and operation. True enough, the TV screen is very much amenble to touch and much like the smart phones, may be altered, customized or personalized in order to keep certain menus or options within reach. The Roku TV Home screen may be personalized to contain your favourite streaming channels, broadcast TV shows and the gaming console in the front or centre. So no need of wacking your brains to search your favourite show among a mind-boggling number of others and no more wading across cluttered menus to find the movie of your choice. Just like the apps of your smartphone, you can tune into a show with a simple touch of your fingertips!

Sophisticiated Design

The TCL Roku Smart TV is not just about technology and performance, it also scores high on appearance! Having an all round metallic finish, it exudes class and elegance and can be used to grace any room of the house. The aluminum quad stand supporting the base of the TV adds contrast to the pitch black TV home screen and lends sophistication to the entire design.


  • Apart from offering the widest selection of channels, the Roku Smart TV enables you to keep track of your favourite show and know when and at what channel it is going to stream.
  • You can add new channels and search them using the Smart TV remote, or with their free app, you can use your tablet or smartphone as a Roku remote!
  • You can send or transfer photos, videos or music from the smartphone or tablet to the TV.
  • Roku Smart TV is Netflix recommended, thus it provides easy app access, better performance and quicker casting of web videos or movies.


  • The picture quality could be better, as it is not up to the standards of the best smart TVs in the market. Still it is good enough for an entry-level smart TV, especially for a 32-Inch LED TV.
  • Internal storage is an obvious weakness of the Roku Smart TV and the available space does run out quickly, but that is only if you transfer or download insane amounts of content into your smart TV.


The robust operating system of Roku specializes in bringing web-based apps to the smart TV, along with touch-guided control, thus making it a very user-friendly interface to viewers. The TCL 32S3850 32-inch 720p 60 Hz Roku Smart LED TV is no doubt a step ahead from its competitors, as it boasts of affordable price in conjunction with interesting features of entertainment and ease of operation.