HDTV Reviews: Sony XBR75X940C 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Are you looking for a gorgeous 4K resolution 3D smart TV with a powerful front facing speakers and has the best contrast like never before? You can now revel in Sony XBR75X940C 4K Ultra HD TV, which upscale all your HD shows and Movies to super-clear 4K. You can add apps to this Sony Android TV and browse the internet using Google cast and voice search.

This Sony TV model uses LED and 3D display technology, has a 4K Ultra HD screen resolution, inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity technology and has a refresh rate of 120 hertz. It is 75 inches in size and weighs approximately 690 pounds. Below are some key features and benefits of this Sony 4K TV.

Every Color Comes Alive

With the dynamic color correction, this model ensures that the colors are very accurate and consistent as possible. The TRILUMOS display ensures that colors that you may dream of comes alive in the widest color range on your screen than ever.

High-quality 4K images

Sony has over the years been in the forefront to provide you with a better experience when it come to the quality of the picture that is displayed on your screen. With the expanded color and brightness range technology and the 4K upscale in this Sony TV have enhances the quality of images displayed.

Sound quality

The sound that resonates from the TV’s built-in speak is clear and loud enough that you cannot miss a word. The quality of the sound matches the high-quality images displayed.

Upscale everything you watch to 4K Ultra HD

This super clear 4K Sony TV allows you to watch all your favorite HD TV shows, movies, and sports in 4K Ultra HD.

4K streaming at its best

Sony 4K TV is designed to improve and recognize 4K streaming video for those people who want the best 4K experience. Streaming service providers like Netflix offers original TV series and movies in 4K Ultra HD conveniently.

Smart TV

This Sony TV model is more than just a smart TV, and it is Android like. You can now enjoy what you love doing with your smartphone and tablet on this Sony, TV model. It allows you to add apps from the Google play by logging into your Google account. You can also do voice search to find what you want quickly by just speaking into your compatible phone or one-flick remote, play games and enable personalization.


  • Produces high-quality images and sound
  • It enables adding of apps, voice search, casting and streaming of games and games
  • It enables personalization
  • Produces accurate and consistent image colors


  • It is somewhat expensive, but the price is worth the quality.


This sony TV has very superb quality in term of the image quality, functionality and other added features that spice up to your overall convenience. The price is worth the quality of this Sony TV. If you need that excellent experience while watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports, then the Sony XBR75X940C 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV is the appropriate TV for you.