Sony STRDN1070 7.2 Channel Hi-Res Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver Review

The Sony STRDN1070 7.2 Channel Hi-Res Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver is a work of art in the literal sense. You can enjoy most subtle influences of studio quality sound from your wireless Bluetooth headphones in the quiet solitude of your conservatory. On the other hand, you might prefer to stream the audio over Wi-Fi to your smartphone while you work in the kitchen. The beauty and agility of this receiver are nothing short of amazing. If a machine could exude passion, this one has a head start in making that happen. It is capable of delivering the ultimate listening experience.

Design and Build Quality 

The build quality is exemplified by its solid beam and chassis construction that mimics legendary Sony machines from the past. Add in some unique features such as a heat sink specially designed for this application and you end up with an extremely reliable and durable set of internal components that won’t fail because of heat damage or some rough handling. It’s all cooled and protected like no other.

Technical Specifications and Performance 

This receiver delivers an entirely immersive experience. You are literally awash in a sea of sound. It’s everywhere after being delivered by seven surround speakers and two sub-woofers that vibrate you right to the core. Oh, and did I mention it delivers 165 watts per channel. That’s live performance experience right in your music room at home. Or, you can take it to any other room in your house via a second dedicated HDMI connection that’s entirely independent of the other channel. How special is that?

Connect your advanced smartphones directly to the front panel. The phone screen is slated to the screen on a connected TV with 4K resolution support for photos and video. And, it charges your phone while you’re being blown away by what you hear and see. The receiver supports 4K Ultra HD video giving you four times more detail than Full HD. The machine takes care of you without lifting a finger as well. When you connect to a 4K TV, an advanced video processing capability in the receiver will automatically upscale lower resolution video to 4K Ultra HD quality.

Ports and Connectivity

Basically, any stereo or video component can connect to the Sony receiver. It has six HDMI input ports and two HDMI output ports with one of those output ports dedicated to a second independent channel. The USB port on the front panel makes your iPhone part of the system. We didn’t even count the “silent” ports such as the Bluetooth wireless port and the Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless connection from within 30 feet or so of the receiver if your smartphone is NFC capable. CD, regular of Blue-Ray, connects, as does your TV over HDMI or analog ports on the back panel.


  • High resolution audio quality
  • Delivers powerful sound
  • Built for sound
  • 4K HDR compatibility
  • Multi-room capable
  • Flexible HD connectivity
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi


  • It may not be the cheapest AV Receiver on the market

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Sony STRDN1070 7.2 Channel Hi-Res Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver has everything and can do anything. It is what every AV receiver should be, the anchor of the system. It may be priced a little high for many people, but it’s worth it.