Sony SRSZR5 Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Wireless speakers have been more and more popular these days. They come in compact design and deliver amazing sound without the hassle of wire connections. Even some models offer the option for streaming with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as Google Cast. In case you are in the market for this kind of speaker, then take a look at the Sony SRSZR5 Wireless Speaker.

Key features of the Sony SRSZR5

  • Compact design
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google Cast
  • Sony multi-room
  • Wireless surround speakers (When paired with compatible Sony Sound Bars)
  • TV front stereo speakers
  • Access and control your music with the SongPal app
  • HDMI5 (ARC) connection
  • Audio playback via USB

Amazing sound

Comes in a beautiful, compact design, the SRSZR5 will look great in any room in your house. With this wireless speaker you can also experience stylish, beautiful sound.

Easy streaming options

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google Cast features you can stream music in the way that works for you effortlessly. This Sony speaker comes with a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google Cast.

Sony multi-room

With the cutting-edge technology that comes with this speaker you can now enjoy music throughout your home. The Sony multi-room feature, controlled via the SongPal app, allows you to experience multi-room listening for one of your favorite songs. You can also stream music from different music services, a smartphone or a PC then enjoy it through your wireless speaker. The SongPal Link can be utilized to group selected Sony soundbars and speakers together.

Wireless surround sound

With the ZR5 speakers you can enjoy a true wireless surround sound experience for all your movies and TV shows. All you have to do is simply pair your wireless speakers to a compatible Sony sound bar.

Access and control your music with the SongPal app

The SongPal app lets you to access and control your music collection seamless. Simply download the app for your tablet oor smartphone, then connect over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When connected, you can access all of your favorite songs that stored on laptop or online music service. In addition, you can also use the SongPal app to customize sound settings to make sure great, balanced audio and control multi-room listening.

The Bottom Line

If you really want to experience the new technology when listening to your favorite music or enjoy your favorite TV shows, the you have to look for a wireless speaker such as the Sony SRSZR5. Comes in a beautiful, compact design, the ZR5 offers a wide range of features to deliver superb sound and multi-room streaming.