HDTV Reviews: Sony KDL48R510C 48-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

There is a compelling reason why consumers these days love taking home LED TVs rather than the good old LCD or the very new, curved OLED TVs. They are more power efficient, have better resolution than LCD TVs and obviously, more affordable than their OLED counterparts. When you at look at the LED marketspace today, it is almost filled up to the brim with brands that offer you virtually almost identical features, but there are some brands that really stand out in this cut-throat competition. Sony is one of them. High class design, smart features, crystal clear sound and many other specifications besides reasonable prices have made Sony rule the roost. Sony KDL48R510C 48-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV is one of the latest LED TVs released to the market in 2015.

Full HD 1080p Display

This Smart TV has a pretty big screen of 48 inches and with a fine 1920×1080 pixel resolution that brings moving images to life with superb detail. The set consists of Edge LED backlighting that considerably enhances contrast, thus making picture quality very crisp and clear to look at.

Motion Flow XR 120

When it comes to making fast-moving images look all natural with minimal judder, this Sony TV does a fine job. When LED TVs first came into the market, they suffered from ‘motion blur’. In order to fix this, manufacturers came with the idea of increasing refresh rates (showing new images). With a technique called frame insertion, these new LED TVs create new images that are inserted in-between original frames. Higher the refresh rate, less the motion blur. Sony KDL48R510C with it’s Motion Flow XR 120 technology does just that. It makes the 60 Hz refresh rate look as though it is 120 Hz.

HD Streaming via Wifi

You can seamlessly stream your HD content from Netflix, YouTube etc to any other device in the vicinity thanks to the built-in Wifi, but please make note, for this to happen – you will essentially need 2.5 Mbps broadband speed for SD services and for HD content, you will need 10 Mbps. Also to enjoy this feature, you need to have 802.11 home network though 802.11n is recommended.


  • Very good picture clarity – thanks to the 1980/1080p resolution
  • Light in weight at just 33.1 pounds making it very easy for carrying and installation
  • In-built Wifi allows you to stream your content to other devices so you can enjoy your favorite TV show not just on your Sony TV but also on your tablets, PC etc.
  • Slim TV design adds to the beauty and ambience of your living room
  • You can enjoy watching your F1 car races with less motion blur – thanks to Motion Flow XR 120 technology
  • Very good HDMI feed – when connected to the PC, you are bound to get pretty clear text with hardly any distortion.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not a very stable TV stand, a little flimsy sometimes – but you can mount it on your wall if you wish
  • Although advertised as a smart TV, you don’t have a browser to surf the internet
  • Sound quality not the greatest, but this can be compensated by attaching quality speakers


This 48 inch Smart LED TV truly makes for a solid entertaining modern television with specifications and features that are quite rightly commensurate with it’s reasonable pricing. You do have the Full HD 1980x1080p resolution like every other LED TV out there in the market, but what is really impressive is the Motion Flow XR 120 that effectively throttles down the motion blur. One really wishes that Sony would do something to fix the UI issue and get rid of the lag besides pre-installing a fast browser instead of the usual bloatware. If these minor albeit important issues are addressed, the Sony KDL48R510C is a great LED TV that has a potential to impress hordes of TV junkies.