HDTV Reviews: Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV (2016 Model)

The Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV is a television tailored to meet the entertainment demands of an uptown living room. It is an entertainment set that provides motion pictures of full HD clarity and gives the users an opportunity to explore the world of internet at ago. The Sony KDL32W600D gives viewers unmatched experience in accessing not only TV functions but online movies and apps as well. Audio quality of the devices is enhanced by a noise reduction technology which converts audio sounds to pure and natural audio.

X-Reality Pro

This is a picture processing tool that refines and cleans images. It also upscales picture pixels in order to maximize the clarity and sharpness of the display screen. X-Reality PRO works with the Motionflow XR feature to enhance the image quality. Motionflow XR is a performance technology that ensures picture motions occur smoothly by inserting extra frames between the original picture frames. X-Reality Pro and Motionflow XR are simply tools that ensure viewers get satisfactory high quality HD viewing experience.

Slim design and portability

The KDL32W600D  has a dimension of 32.5 x 6.1 x 20.6 inches and weighs only 15.4 pounds. The narrow frame of the screen is accented with minimal bezels and this gives viewers the convenience of focusing on entertainment even when viewing near edge-to-edge pictures. Cable management has even been made easier because all the cables of the TV can be neatly arranged at the back of the TV and can also be channeled through the stand of the device. This enables users to keep their table space tidy without spreading cables all over.

IPTV and Internet connectivity

Internet Protocol Television is a new technology that offers a new way of streaming internet videos and online TV services. The web access function also enables users to enjoy web surfing just like they would do on their personal computers. YouTube functionality and access to apps is also made easier through the web access feature. Wireless connectivity is also facilitated by the built-in Wi-Fi that enables users to reach online content on the go. External devices like Smartphones can also share content on the TV through the screen mirroring functionality and Photo Sharing Plus features.


  • Displays crystal clear and sharp HD pictures
  • Quality and natural audio sound output
  • Slim and attractive body design
  • Can be easily synced to remote devices


  • Lacks information on the 3D functionality


Conclusively, the Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV is big improvement compared current versions of HD TVs available in the market. It offers better picture quality full of color, clarity and sharpness. The picture and sound enhancing features of this device are of superior technology thereby giving viewers a much better experience. Its performance is further enhanced by the web connectivity function which makes it easier to stream content from online platforms like YouTube and Netflix.