SkyStream Technologies AT-100B Antop 55 Mile Slim 4K Ready HDTV Antenna Review

The Skystream Technologies AT – 100B Antop 55 Mile Slim 4K Ready HDTV Antenna is a good reception antenna for network television. It can be easily placed and will go with any décor. It can be painted with no loss in signal. You won’t get cable but network TV which is most often watched by cable prescribers. You will save lots of money on that monthly cable bill that you probably paid thousands in last year.

Features and Specifications

  • 4K ready
  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter to block 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones
  • Omni-directional reception so it has good reception in 360 degrees of direction
  • Features Smart Pass Amplifier for no blind spots up to 55 Miles

4G LTE Filter

The antenna has a blocking filter to block phone signals meant for 3 & 4G phones, which means it won’t pick up signals from mobile phones, digital tablets, wireless networks, laptops or mobile phone transmitter towers. This will keep those signals from interfering with the TV signal.


With this antenna you should never worry about paying cable bill because this antenna will pick up local channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and Fox in HD. There are many more networks that broadcast their content on local stations depending on your area.

Smart Pass Amplifier

This will add more channels with no blind spots. You will get HD reception from stations as far away as 55 miles.

Omni-Directional Reception

This antenna is omni-directional, which means that any way you face it (360 degrees), it will get an amplified signal, but some directions may pick up more of the channels you are trying to receive.

4K Ready HDTV Antenna

4K ready means you can hook up a 4K TV not that it will convert any TV to 4K. Whatever kind of TV is owned is still going to be the kind of reception you get. If you have an HDTV, you will be able to get 720 or 1080 depending on which set you have.

In conclusion, this digital antenna with the amplifier and phone signal blocker should pick up better than most digital antenna. Don’t expect miracles, but compared to other products on the market, the SkyStream Technologies AT-100B Antop 55 Mile Slim 4K Ready HDTV Antenna should perform. The Smart Pass Amplifier might even be an advantage over other amplifiers or other antennae that don’t have amplifiers at all. The main thing is you will be able to get HDTV without cable and save thousands each year.