HDTV Reviews: Seiki SE43FKT 43-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model)

HDTVs will make you toss out your standard definition television today. If you want to enjoy a better experience with the HDTV, consider checking out the models produced by Seiki. Being a renowned company, Seiki has continued to produce top performing TVs and other devices. The Seiki SE43FKT 43-Inch 1080p LED TV comes with an impressive display that offer high quality pictures and smooth motion.

Seiki has incorporated a number of new features that will make the TV compete with other models from its competitor. The TV is coupled with a number of ports for both audio and video for easy connection to your other devices.


This 43-Inch HDTV from Seiki can be a nice addition to any bedroom or living room. Comes with thin bezel design, the SE43FKT measures 38.35” W x 22.6″ H x 3.28” D without stand and 38.35” W x 24” H x 3.28” D with stand.

Seiki Muse Center

The Seiki Muse is what controls the Seiki SE43FKT interface. You will easily interact with the TV to access the different components connected to it. You can play media, stream favorite movies, check out YouTube videos and many other things just from one center. The internet access for this TV can be the LAN cable or over WiFi. It is not easy to find such anaffordable TV with all these features.

The 1080p display

Playing the 1080p videos on the Standard Definition TV might not always give you the best output. You might see it showing as if the videos have scratches. It is all because the TV cannot render the video as it is. The SE43FKT has the best processing engine and display to make the 1080p videos appear great at all times. You should now start watching your favorite shows in HD like other people.


  • It has more ports than you could ever need to connect your peripheral devices
  • The TV firmware can be upgraded by a simple firmware download from the official Seiki website
  • It’s affordable


  • The TV should have more USB ports just like the HDMI ports


Seiki always claims to support their TVs when it comes to matters of quality. You can expect that the Seiki SE43FKT 43-Inch 1080p LED TV will last for a long time when well used. The advanced LED back-lit technology of this HDTV allows you to enjoy superior picture quality with rich colors as well as sharp contrasts.