HDTV Reviews: Seiki SE43FK 43-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model)

The SeikiSE43FK LED TV offers some of the benefits of smart TV without it being one. It has a 43″ screen and is supplied with a stand and remote control [2 AAA batteries require]. Once fitted to the stand it is 38.35 x 24 x 3.28 inches with three available HDMI inputs as well as a USB socket. If you choose not to use the supplied stand it can be wall mounted and kits are easily available to buy.

Great design with excellent sound and vision quality

The overall design quality of Seiki LED HD TV’s with its black finish and slimline bezel design enable this classy item is as at home in the lounge as the bedroom.

Added to their superb visual design the technical attention to quality has not been ignored and is epitomized by the single cable connection which ensures superb picture quality combined with surround sound and data control.

It also enables instant access to streaming, any cable connection box as well as a Blu Ray player.

Management of children’s content viewing

With the excellent built in special V-Chip technology you can select those films and programs which, based on their ratings, you judge to be unsuitable for your family members to view.

By simply opening up the menu and assessing the way the content is rated means you can make the necessary decisions regarding content that can be made unavailable to your family. This means you can leave the family at home confident that they will not be subjected to inappropriate TV.

High definition TV picture quality

With the advanced design quality of back lit Light Emitting Diode technology the beauty of High Definition picture quality ensures the viewers able to see programs in a new, better defined and with greater contrasts as well as superior quality of color. The benefits of these new advances in LED design becomes obvious when the TV set is turned on and compared with their existing picture quality.

30 day Tech support and one year warranty

Like any new Hi Tech device the user will take some time to adapt to the way it is controlled and what it can do. Recognizing this Seiki offer ,at no extra cost, a thirty day telephone contact advice and troubleshooting service.

This support service commences on delivery not on purchase and is available to all members of the family can obtain the required advice. As well as this thirty day technical back up your has a standard one year replacement warranty which means if it can’t be fixed they will replace it with a new one.


  • Full HD TV (1080p of resolution)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (Native)
  • LED Backlight display technology
  • Equipped with 3 HDMI and 1 USB Input ports
  • Remote control and Stand are included in the package


  • It’s not Smart TV, but not all customers need this function

Whilst those are some of the benefits of the Seiki SE43FK 43-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV they are by no means a full account of the quality features and benefits of this product. It does not set out to be the all singing all dancing be all of TV design but it is a very workmanlike, superbly crafted and easily worked addition to any home with access to the internet. High Definition picture and great sound quality combined with great spatial design make this the flat screen TV of choice.