HDTV Reviews: Seiki SE42UMS 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Seiki has produced many TVs starting with the HDTVs that most people are using now. Imagine the clarity that you get from the HDTV after upgrading from a normal Standard definition TV. It is quite a revolution until you meet the new 4K TV such as the Seiki SE42UMS 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV. This TV has four times the clarity of your current HDTV.

Seiki is an award-winning brand when it comes to delivering high quality products. It should not be a problem even for the 4K TV. This new TV comes with more features and ports to make your entertainment experience new and refreshing. Let us get into the features right away.

The 4K technology

Clarity is important to many people who love to watch their favorite shows. The moment the clarity is distorted, you are likely to see them calling the cable TV company. With the 4K resolution, the clarity and picture quality is on point to make you enjoy the TV shows. More and more content focused on the 4K resolution is now being created to ensure that the TV features are fully utilized. You can still watch movies from your DVDs, SD cards or Hard Drives at a better clarity than before.

More Ports and More Features

The TV features new HDMI and HDCP ports incorporated with the latest standards. These standards give assurance to the users that they will get to see faster HDMI execution and better clarity with the 4K television. The TV has 3 HDMI ports, making it easy to link it to many devices using HDMI without having to unplug each whenever you have to use the ports. The HDCP port is something new to the television industry. We can expect to see more relevant content and use of the port in the near future.

4K Content Enhancements

The Seiki SE42UMS 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with many features that are likely to be underutilized for a while before the 4K content is fully rolled out. You do not have to wait for that long to enjoy what the TV has to offer. Seiki has other devices sold as add-ons to the TV that help in converting your HD content into 4K content. These new devices include the U-VISION 4K HDMI cable for up scaling your HD videos to better 4K content.


  • It comes with the 4K technology for better clarity and performance
  • It features 3 HDMI, 1 HDCP ports and many other ports for connecting different devices to the TV
  • It is easy to unbox and install the TV
  • It has a nice and sleek design on overall


  • The stand offered with the TV should get a makeover to make it better and stronger (in my opinion)
  • The TV is not a Smart TV although it’s not a problem for many customers


The Seiki SE42UMS 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV for a few months has proved to offer so much in the world of 4K TVs and that is likely to be the trend. With the many new features such as more HDMI ports, expect more people taking a keen interest in the TV. The TV is still a nice piece that can easily blend into your living room because of its design. You will not have to redecorate just because of a TV.