Sanus VLC1-B1 Curved TV Swivel Mount Bracket Review

When you’re looking for the best mount bracket on the market you should always keep in mind that flexibility, adjustment, and easy installation are all key to finding a product that is value for money. The Sanus VLC1-B1 Curved TV Swivel Mount Bracket is a recent addition to the bracket market and it just might be the answer to getting a more comfortable viewing experience out of your curved TV.


Despite putting off some of its potential buyers by being made specifically for curved TVs, the Sanus VLC1-B1 is incredibly well designed for its target market and the bracket is designed to make your TV ideal for group viewing as it creates a perfect central positioning within whichever room you desire. The swivel system on the device is incredibly smooth and flexible, allowing you to turn the TV up to 11 degrees either left or right.

Height Adjustment

Another great feature on the Sanus VLC1-B1 is the height adjustment setting as it allows for up to an inch of alteration which further increases the chance of getting the TV into the perfect position, even after it has been fully installed in the room. On top of this, the bracket comes with an impressive 30 inch wall plate that guarantees it will hold up well even after readjustment.


The bracket comes with a very easy installation process that makes it ready to set-up in just a few simple steps. The open wall plate allows for easy TV to socket access as cables can be connected without hassle. Even more impressive is the safety tab that makes it possible to check the connection is safe during the installation process.


  • Quick and easy to install with an added safety tab
  • Smooth cable access between TV and socket
  • Post-installation height adjustment available
  • Study 30 inch wall plate
  • Makes the TV viewable from a large number of angles


  • The design is specific to curved TV’s which makes it unavailable to other TV users
  • The bracket has no up or down turning feature


If you’re looking for an immersive viewing experience then the Sanus VLC1-B1 Curved TV Swivel Mount Bracket is the perfect way to get your TV to live up to its full potential. Most definitely one of the better brackets on the market, the Sanus VLC1-B1 design is highly recommended for curved TV owners who are looking to make their television stand-out in the easiest way possible. It’s definitely not one to be missed.