HDTV Reviews: Sansui SLED4216 2160p 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) TV

Your search has finally come to a High Definition (HD) end if you have been looking to get yourself a brand new television. We introduce to you Sansui SLED4216 2160p 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) TV, a beast in its own right when it comes to Ultra HD television. With and ultimate detail to pictures, this television is set to lighten up your living room. It is amazing what this new found technology such as OLED, HDR and Quantum Dot has to offer.


Unlike the outdated HDTVs, this new release packs for times as many pixels with a screen resolution of (3840 x 2160). This for the 4K TV is a winner since minor objects on the screen have more detail which includes sharper text. There is also delivery of more colors, more contrast levels increased brightness with the HDR feature and thus users experience amazingly realistic images.


There are 4 HDMI ports available for connecting devices like a sound bar, a Roku, a game console (PS3, PS4 or Xbox) or a Chromecast which are more than enough. Other ports include 1 component input port, an A/V input port and a PC monitor input port. The HDMI ports offer the most amazing technology with the ability to support the latest 4K copy-protected content, thus getting rid of confusion for customers.

Refresh rate

This is the number of times an image is refreshed on the screen and is expressed in Hertz (Hz).Our product has a refresh rate of 120Hz which creates a more solid picture. Most traditional HDTVs have a 60Hz refresh rate which is the standard refresh rate; this can turn out to be frustrating if a user is watching scenes with rapidly moving objects because it makes things look jittery or blurry.


  • A richer and a more lifelike pictures
  • Quicker refresh rate
  • Boosts the sense of depth making 2D pictures look like 3D
  • Superior color handling
  • More immersive images


  • No 3D Technology


Sansui SLED4216 2160p 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) TV has definitely joined the bandwagon of Ultra HD television that offer breath taking experience and there is no going back. The future is bright with Ultra HD 4K and many homes should be ready to welcome better picture quality in their living rooms. Such technology crosses all barriers demystifying the myth that its only for the young lads, Ultra HD 4K is for all but requires a tiny bit of image fixing. Let’s all enjoy the “Ultra HD” future.