Samsung WAM3500 Wireless Multiroom 360 Sound Speaker Review

Whether you’re having a party, outdoor event or just enjoy having yourself a blast around the house, the Samsung WAM3500 Wireless Multiroom 360 Sound Speaker is the right sound speaker for you. It gives you the freedom to walk around with the music and play the next without being tied to one operating station. As you play your music over the phone or tablet, you can select what pleases you as opposed to following a continuous playlist on the DVD player. This new invention is just what you need to get through your day or night leaving you more than just entertained.

360 Sound

This feature which is enabled by the ring radiator technology is designed to distribute sound multi-directionally, which creates a balanced immersive sound around your space. The audio from this speaker creates an exquisite sound ambient from any room. You can play, playback and do so much more with a single swipe or tap.

Stream and control R3 Speakers wirelessly with your smart phone

If your favorite playlist is on your phone then you don’t have to look for cables because this techno-effective speaker allows you to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth for an easy but fulfilling musical experience. It gives you the liberty to control your music with your smart phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Selection of your music is also so much more convenient.

Wireless Multiroom connection

With the help of the wireless Multiroom app you can stream different songs in each connected room simultaneously or one song on different 360 sound speakers and select the songs you want to play. It gives you control of what you want to hear and in no particular rigid order. Different playlists on your phone or tablet can play on different wireless multiroom speakers that are connected.


  • Multi room function is convenient as it caters to the music tastes of different people by allowing them to play alternative songs in different rooms at the same time.
  • The speaker has a modern sophisticated design which looks elegant placed on any surface or site.
  • The speaker has a compatible sound bars which allow you to wirelessly connect home theater and smart TV.
  • It eliminates the struggle of bulky and intertwining cables and wires.


  • As it is solely wireless it almost does not provide optional methods of connection to play music. This is however not a major hindrance as most devices are able to connect wirelessly.


There are many benefits that come with having one of the latest wireless speakers, apart from saving you the hustle of wires and cable connections, it adds a new feel for your entertainment. It does not ground you on one position such as when you are connecting via USS port and cable, it allows you a little space and has the best level combination of base and treble. It can be streamed in different rooms or different songs with connected multiroom speakers. This wireless speaker definitely gives a new meaning to good music. If you should get a new speaker, the Samsung WAM3500 Wireless Multiroom 360 Sound Speaker should absolutely be it.