HDTV Reviews: Samsung UN65H8000 Curved 65-inch Smart TV

The Samsung UN65H8000 is surely a very tough contender when it comes to the new era of televisions. Not only is it visually more appealing compared to ordinary television sets, it also improves the overall cinematic experience while simply watching TV at home!

Innovative display

The UN65H8000 is a 65-inch television with a curved display that helps enhance the peripheral vision of its audience and creates a panoramic effect for a more pleasant viewing experience. In addition to the innovative curved display, its 1080p quality that is lit up with Samsung’s powerful LED backlighting technology does give out superior quality in color and contrast which results to the crisp, vivid and life-like experience which will surely make you feel immersed with what you’re watching.

Several key features of the UN65H8000 are ADE (Auto Depth Enhancer) and its WCEP (Wide Color Enhancer Plus) which allows improved color and contrast representation. With a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1200 clear motion rate, scenes which contains a lot of movements and actions would remain crystal clear.

The H8000 include the Micro Dimming ultimate functionality which is an advanced LED backlight technology which uses special edge mounted LED lights to have better control of variable areas. It also has the Precision Black Local Dimming function that provides better black levels and picture quality regardless of whether you are watching 2D or 3D media.

Smart TV

Samsung has integrated several features in this TV. It is shipped with four 3D glasses off the box so the family could experience the watching 3D media as soon as you get it out of the box. Also, being a smart TV, the Samsung UN65H8000 contains a strong Quad Core processor for quick and smooth operations and excellent gaming performance. It has built in internet applications such as Netflix for movies and Facebook for social media. It also has a full optimized web browser like that of a mobile device and allows dual screen functionality for easy multitasking. It is also built in with voice commands and several other features to improve the overall experience.

Other Features

4 on board HDMI ports and 3 USB ports are readily available for easy access to your devices. It has DLNA certified connectivity which allows you to instantly access your media files such as images, music, and videos. It has a DTS PremiumAudio 5.1 sound technology. The Samsung Smart Hub has been tweaked for the improvement of the user’s experience. It allows logging in to maintain and record their viewing history for an overall improved and hassle free experience.