HDTV Reviews: Samsung UN50J6300 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

The Samsung UN50J6300 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV continues Samsung’s line of stellar Smart TVs, and if you desire a Smart TV that offers a high-quality picture, stellar revolution and a good sound system, then this television is perfect for you. This model will look great in any area of your household, and whether you’re watching the big football game, your favorite television show, or even playing a game of Madden 15 on your PlayStation 4, this TV will satisfy any method of usage.

Requisite 120CMR Refresh Rate

The Samsung 50-Inch Smart LED TV doesn’t offer a top-of-the-line CMR (refresh rate) like high-priced television sets do, but its 120CMR refresh rate still offers an above-average picture that simply can’t be rivaled by similar television set models. Combined with a high-quality backlight LED display, this television provides unrivaled picture quality in its size class.

Savvy Technological Features

The Samsung 50-Inch Smart LED TV offers a great App selection that continues to expand, given Samsung’s new operating system. Have you ever had an issue with your TV’s picture due to the glaring sunlight through your window? This model eliminates the issue entirely, with its stellar Eco-sensor which delivers the best picture in any particular circumstance. It also features 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs, making it simple to connect to any outside technological device, particularly gaming consoles.

Stunning 1080p Resolution

We’ll save the Samsung 50-Inch Smart LED TV’s best feature for last: its stunning resolution. Featuring state-of-the-art 1080p resolution, you’ll be able to see every outline on your favorite actor’s body, so hopefully you enjoy watching attractive actors and actresses! Even better, you won’t find any “shaded” black or gray spots on the picture, so the 1080p resolution takes its full effect.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Features Micro Dimming Pro for outstanding picture clarity
  • Has 120CMR of refresh rate
  • LED Backlight display technology
  • It’s a Smart TV
  • Comes with built-in WiFi
  • Powered by a Quad Core processor so you can easily switch between streaming content, apps and other media.
  • Equipped with 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports for easy connecting to other HD devices


  • Lacks information on the 3D technology


In summary, the Samsung UN50J6300 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV meets the lofty standards that one expects from a Smart TV, and is very high quality overall. With its solid refresh rate, technologically-friendly features and stunning resolution, you simply cannot go wrong with this television model. I recommend it to anyone in the market for a new Smart TV.