HDTV Reviews: Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Top companies are rolling out various types of LED TVs every year. To stand out from this lot, a LED TV should have an excellent design and superior features. Samsung has rolled out one such model which ticks off all the boxes of a customer’s checklist. The Samsung UN32J5003 Smart LED TV is the new bread and butter product for the company.

A 32 inch LED television is very much affordable for the people of all financial classes. Since it is a mass market, a good product in this range can raise the image of the brand by ten folds. Knowledgeable about this, Samsung has concentrated on the niche with a competent product up its sleeves. The UN32J5003 is provided with good design, superior display clarity and advanced features to keep the cost centric customer happy.

Let’s see about the highlight features of this Smart LED TV


Usually, there is nothing much to talk about the designs of the LED TVs, since they look more or less the same irrespective of the brands. But, Samsung has integrated some nice design cues to lend a different look to this model. The first word that you might spell on watching this TV is “Neat design”. There are no fancy and cheap design elements anywhere on the television. The matured design is nice to look at and it can eventually grow up on you.


The 32 inch Full HD display of 1080p resolution with Slim FLED Backlighting is a treat to look at. Samsung has provided excellent clarity to this LED television by using other features like Motion Rate 60 and Wide Color Enhancer. The Motion Rate 60 enhances the moving picture with an excellent refresh rate and the Wide Color Enhancer improves the color display of the non HD pictures.

Sound system

Samsung UN32J5003 Smart LED TV is equipped with DTS 5.1 Premium sound system. This Dolby MS10 DTS Studio Sound feature offers various customization options to select bass output, voice clarity, etc. When you watch your favourite videos in this TV, you will end up enjoying every moment due to the theater effect.


2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port are provided to connect your storage devices to enjoy the saved videos, music and pictures. You can also watch the favourite vids over the internet by using a data enabled USB dongle.

Bottom Line

Samsung UN32J5003 Smart LED TV has all the features to keep an average Joe satisfied. Its high quality over other competitors’ models ensures that its sales charts keep on ticking.