Samsung BD-J5100 Curved Blu-ray Player (2015 Model) Review

Smart TVs are ordinarily very expensive and hence out of the reach of most households. However, with the Samsung BD-J5100 Curved Blu-ray Player, households need not necessarily acquire the Smart TVs because this device is designed to convert any television set into a Smart TV. It is basically a Blu-ray player which also doubles up as an internet set top box. It enables users to enjoy wide range of news, music, and entertainment programs directly from the internet, local area networks, and secondary storage devices such as the memory cards.

Features and Specifications

  • Incorporates Opera TV Apps to turn your conventional HDTV into Smart TV
  • Available Apps: Youtube, Netflix, Yupp TV, Pandora, Amazon
  • Its Quick Start Mode offers 0.5-second startup
  • Features Dolby True HD, DTS Surround
  • Equipped with 1 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 HDMI-CEC Input/Output ports
  • Includes a remote control

Audio and Picture Quality

The audio and pictures that are generated by this device are of very high quality indeed. Its sound quality is enhanced by the Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Surround Sound feature which produces immersive audio; and the Dolby True HD feature which produces near-studio quality sound that comes along with enhanced bass response, consistent volume levels, and clear dialog features. Its picture quality on the other hand is enhanced by the existence of the HDMI cable which transmits signals at very high speeds and hence produces videos of very high quality.


This device is suited to a wide range of operations due to the twin reasons of being capable of accommodating inputs from diverse sources as well as being able to discharge various functions. Among the inputs that the device can accommodate include: High Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Local Area Network (Ethernet), and High Definition Multi-media Interface – Consumer Electronics Controls (HDMI-CEC). It also has the ability to offer the following functions: easy access to games, websites, apps, and media; Opera TV channel; playing of Blu-ray discs; and indeed, more besides!

Operational Efficiency

The device is pretty easy to set up and use. It requires no formal technical expertise in the field of electronic engineering and is also accompanied by a user manual which guides users throughout every stage of use. Moreover, it takes less time (just about 0.5 seconds) to power up and become ready for use unlike most other Blu-ray players that may take up to ten seconds to do so. What’s more? It only requires the use of one HDMI cable to transfer data from the player to the television and has a remote control that easily and conveniently lets users switch from one functionality to another.


The Samsung BD-J5100 Curved Blu-ray Player is one electronic gadget that no household can afford to ignore or overlook. That’s because it provides the services of so many other home entertainment systems such as disc players, internet set top boxes, sound-bars, and home theater entertainment systems in one compact and convenient package. Its acquisition thus enables users to enjoy the services of all these devices without having to acquire all of them separately. This cuts down on acquisition and maintenance costs in the long run besides granting maximum convenience to users.