Royche MUSES MIDAS 2.0 Soundbar Speaker At A Glance

In case you like to blow up the power and audio quality throughout your home theater system, purchasing a brand-new sound bar is a great way to try. Sound bars are a lot more affordable than investing in a whole brand-new sound system plus they need a minimum amount of setup. In case you are searching for a top quality sound bar that delivers superb sound and match with your existing home theater system, then take a look at the Royche Muses Midas 2.0 Soundbar Speaker.

Key features

  • User-friendly design with simple operation.
  • Delivers excellent sound with a built-in H.Q. Chipset
  • Features XBR Technology System to reduce noise from the electric signal

 XBR Technology System

You may find that many soundbars have problems with feedback or noise interference. With this soundbar you can ignore this problem since it incorporates innovative XBR Technology System which can reduce noise from the speaker’s electric signal. In other words you can experience crystal-clear sound in all pitch ranges (especially baritone tones) with an output power of 3Wx2. In addition, you can easily control the volume with simply the turn of a knob on the side of the unit.

Built-In H.Q Chipset

With this feature you can expect unbeatable sound quality from this soundbar, especially for bass tones. The Royche MUSES MIDAS 2.0 can be paired with your PC or laptop or with any of your favorite gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. You can enjoy the quality sound by simply connecting the unit directly to a 3.5 jack or you can enjoy your favorite music through headphones, if you like to. Unfortunately, this soundbar doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Luxury Design and Look

Not only does the Royche Muses Midas produce quality sound, but it looks awesome too. Built with a luxury black as well as metallic design with an attractive metal spray finish, the soundbar will match with the rest of your sound system. It measures 400x55x60mm which is ideal for desktop use. The unit also comes with a non-slip pad to keep it exactly where you want it.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Royche Muses Midas 2.0 Soundbar Speaker can be a great investment for those who want more from their entertainment system. It may not be the most powerful or biggest option on the market but the soundbar offers quality  sound and easy installation. In addition, this soundbar is compatible with a number of desktop and mobile gadgets. Featuring a built-in chipset and XBR technology, this soundbar offers high quality sound for your listening.