RCA DRC98090 9-inch Portable DVD Player Review

The RCA DRC98090 9-inch Portable DVD Player boasts a large screen, sleek design, and supports play of multiple types of media. This could be the answer to entertainment on your next long trip. This compact machine is perfect for travel, use by children who want a private and quiet DVD player, or for personal home or office use. Key features include a large screen, multimedia support, and long lasting battery life.

Flip-up Widescreen

With a 9-inch widescreen, the RCA DRC98090 is easy to watch. The screen flips up for viewing and then folds down again to create a light and compact machine for travel. The wide screen makes viewing movies and TV shows comfortable, and the brightness of the screen allows you to watch films during the day or at night.

Multimedia Support

This DVD player plays DVDs, CDs, and JPEGs. Watching movies and TV shows on DVD is only one part of what this player can do. You can listen to CDs discreetly on a trip without disturbing your fellow travelers. This player includes a headphone jack for private listening. Its ability to show JPEGs allows photo viewing.

Long Lasting Battery Life

Nothing is worse than your entertainment being cut off by a dead battery halfway through your trip. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours for long lasting viewing. The battery can be recharged on the go with an A/C or car power adapter. You do not have to worry about this player losing a charge halfway through a movie.


  • Truly portable
  • Comes with flip-up screen
  • Widescreen LCD display
  • Built-in speakers
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a remote control

All-in-all, the RCA DRC98090 9-inch Portable DVD Player will meet all your travel and personal needs, whether you’re watching DVDs on the road, listening to music at home, or sharing photos with family and friends at an event. You can be sure that your entertainment is always clear and visible and that your battery will last a long time. This DVD player is perfect for long trips and at-home viewing.