Raumfeld One S Wireless Streaming Speaker Review

Built with style the Raumfeld One S Wireless Streaming Speaker can be a great addition to your home entertainment system. If you are looking for wireless speakers that will allow you to play your songs from your mobile phone, without the use of cords and Bluetooth, then this WiFi speaker is probably what you are searching for. Enjoy several powerful features ranging from the quality of the sound to the portability of the wireless speaker with the Raumfeld One S.

Key Features

  • Comes in compact design
  • Splash-proof feature makes it less vulnerable to water and other elements
  • The shape of the One S wireless speaker is amazing and will add color to your home
  • High quality sound

Design of the Raumfeld One S

The portability of the Raumfeld One S is a feature that is really appealing to users. A close look at the device shows that it was made to be less conspicuous which serves people who need less flashy devices in their home d├ęcor. It comes with brushed aluminum control panel adorns the front, which makes it more beautiful.


User need to connect this WiFi speaker to a wireless router with the help of an Ethernet. There is no need to make any connection with a Bluetooth, simply connect with the router which can be hidden behind a television and as soon as the connection is done, user can start using it. The device works with Wi-Fi streaming which means that you may have to get a Wi-Fi extender so as to get your tunes without any hitches.

Interface and Application

The simple interface of the Raumfeld One S enables you to operate it easily. To connect with your iOS and Android devices easily, simply choose DNLA or UPnP servers that you want to use in the music resources section and you can also select music on your device. Some of the services that are compatible with it includes; Napster, Spotify, SoundCloud and Tidal.

The Bottom Line

All in all, in case you are searching for a wireless speaker that is compact and can provide amazing sound, then the Raumfeld One S Wireless Streaming Speaker will be the one you are looking for. This WiFi speaker will always meet your music needs which enable you to play it either from your smartphone or tablet.