HDTV Reviews: Proscan PLDED3276-80A 32-Inch LED HD TV

When it comes to watching TV, a good quality TV with brilliant features will certainly heighten your entertainment interlude. There are numerous brands of TV in the market nowadays that an individual might be at loggerheads deciding which one of them is most suitable. Well, a good pointer in resolving the quagmire of settling for the right TV is checking its features that are convenient to you vis-à-vis the purchase price. Proscan PLDED3276-80A 32-Inch LED HD TV offers value for money; besides serving as a TV, it can be used as a PC monitor too.

Impressive Size and Design

Size is essential in watching, be it for entertainment or otherwise. Thus, this TV has an imposing size of 32 inches which gives you pretty large pictures that are appealing to the eye. This screen size ensures that more people can conveniently watch without necessarily being too close to the screen. In addition, this TV has a slim design that will fit nicely in your home or office.

Quality HD picture

The picture quality is excellent with vivid pictures. Its vivid pictures combined with the large screen give you a great entertainment experience. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 at widescreen. Its contrast ratio of 1200:1 results in improved balance between black and white for better picture quality.

Versatility in Connection

The PLDED3276A is equipped with numerous connection options to address all of your needs. Its VGA port allows you to connect it to a CPU to serve as a PC monitor. It has 3 HDMI ports which save you the trouble of having numerous cables creating a mess. Among its other useful connections are headphone, YPbPr and A/V port. It also has a built-in HDTV tuner for digital television reception.


  • Provides numerous connection options
  • Quality pictures (720p)
  • Built-in ATSC Tuner
  • Has easy to use remote control that is responsive


  • Speaker quality is average but this can be salvaged by using external speakers

Overall Remark

The features of this TV ensure that it can be used in a number of ways thus making it convenient for everyday use. The TV can interchangeably serve as a basic TV and also be useful as a PC monitor; this feature eliminates the need to acquire a separate PC monitor once you have Proscan PLDED3276-80A 32-Inch LED HD TV. The built in HDTV turner also revamps your entertainment experience by making it possible to get digital television receptions without a fee. Therefore, this TV is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile TV.