HDTV Reviews: Polaroid 50GSR3000FA 50-Inch LED TV

The beauty of Polaroid 50GSR3000FRA LED TV is what it has brought to the media and entertainment industry. It is what the viewers expect. It has raised the pleasure and the comfort of viewing. The modern world today requires quality and worth of what one target to buy; this has been achieved by this television set. The Polaroid 50GSR3000FRA is not only revolutionizing the electronics world but also the industry of entertainment as we know it by giving the view a world class experiences of full color digital viewing experience.

Features and Specifications

  • Comes in Ultra Slim Design
  • It has 1080p resolution
  • Equipped with 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Built-in speaker
  • It’s Energy Star certified

This Polaroid TV has improved feature that is incorporating the development of new devices that are working perfectly with the new produced TV sets. It has been produced in line with the increasing demand and merging the function and uses to ease the buyers with many devices to satisfy their needs.


This is a resolution of a certified TV format across the world especially Europe implying that the TV has the ability of displaying content without over-scanning, under-scanning, or showing the signal at a lower resolution. It makes the digital pictures clear than the analogue sets. With the world set to move to digital platform this feature is important in capturing pictures. 1080p helps the TV to show images once without using the odd and even lines. With this feature the TV set offers the best pictures/images and covering the action footage and sports.

Ultra Slim Deign

This TV has a redesigned shape to give a slim design that is wall mounted and eliminating the traditional back protruding TV that occupy a substantial space. It has enabled the consumers enjoy the shape and size. The advantage is that it is portable and can fit at the modern wall units and TV mounts. The slim design makes the images look larger and the flat edges completing the picture size. This slim design is one of the marketing strategies for selling this TV set and out competing those with exaggerated features.


The HDMI inputs are cables that enable you to connect your LED TV with other devises like disc players, gaming system or the digital set-top boxes. Your TV set can have more connection at a time without fully disconnecting to allow the inputs of various cables. This eliminates the cost of buying the HDMI switcher. It also helps in connecting the same channel across other TV sets and serving a big group. For examples during sport or live coverage where there are uniform viewers.


These features have made it possible for the rapid growth of sports view age and the general film industry. The quality has been amazing with great improvement that is giving quality images than before and merging many devices into one platform. Te increased size the pictures has been remarkable and the quality of the media industry grown. With the innovation going on we are likely to eliminate the PC and use the LED TV screens that are more advanced and accepting the use of different electronic apparatus than traditional ones and PC’s.