HDTV Reviews: Philips 32PFL4909/F7B LED TV

When it comes to their line of LED TVs, Philips has delivered on its promise of providing the best and top notch source of entertainment. Most of the customers around the world also appreciate their approach on contemporary design and technology. Not only that the newly invented Philips 32PFL4909/F7B LED TV offers an exciting and bold look but is also equipped with the modern technology that will make your viewing simply memorable.


This 32 inches LED TV is equipped with a powerful and modern video processor, connectivity and other latest features. Believing that the customers are looking for the latest technology, Philips has integrated 3D Combfilter technology to this model to make sure that you get the best display quality and enhanced LED abilities. If you are looking for clear sound and high-quality image, you can blindly rely on Philips LED TV. The native contrast ratio of 1,200:1 offers a crystal clear, vivid and sharp presentation. This is the best approach for high paced sports and movies. There are three HDMI ports provided in this TV which can be connected to any device such as DVD Player, mobile phone or Blue Ray.


It uses the latest generation of quick switching displays for real life depth and realism in your entertainment experience. The DTS TruSorround Dolby Digital volume system evaluates the volume level produced by the content. It betters the poor and inconsistent audio. Built in two set of speakers also supports the Dolby Digital AC-3, Secondary Audio Programming and other multi-channel sounds.

Aesthetic Appeal and Other Features
It will add a new perspective to your television habits through its Pixel Plus HD AND 3/2 Motion Pull Down features. There are also Philips applications that will connect you to various entertainment sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Blockbuster, Pandora, NetFlix, Facebook and many more.

When it comes to design, Philips has always been elegant and glossy with their design. This model offers LED backlight which are more energy efficient than all the other LED TVs available in the market. The LED WXGA Display screen creates a stunning visual appeal that makes everything look like real.


  • Comes with High Definition 720p resolution to deliver detailed picture and clarity
  • Incorporates 120 PMR motion-enhancement technology so you can enjoy fast-moving images, which appear clear
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Wireless Connect, and an Ethernet port let you connect to the internet to access online content and streaming services
  • Equipped with 3 HDMI ports
  • Equipped with PC input so you can connect your laptop to the TV and use it as a monitor
  • A perfect choice for your bedroom or kitchen


  • Lacks of information on 3D technology

In summary, the Philips 32PFL4909/F7B LED TV is the best choice for anyone’s living room. The ultra modern technology built in the television presents a new audio visual experience. This LED TV is also boosting with performance for both sound and graphics. Overall, this model is a true winner for technology, design and performance.