TV Stand Reviews: OLLO TT-03 Series Hand Brushed Aluminium Table Top TV Stand

When considering purchasing your new television stand you will need to make a decision on wall mounting or table top. If you rent your home wall mounting may not be an option even if your television has suitable fittings. Table top stands are usually made from metal with aluminium being a good lightweight but sturdy choice. OLLO make an attractive range of table top television stands. Consider the weight and dimensions of your television before commencing your search especially if you have a particularly large and/or heavy television.

Key features of the OLLO 30-52″ hand brushed aluminum table top TV stand

The television stand can be set to 2 different heights. Be aware that once the height is set you would need to remove the television to change the height to the alternative option. The mounting frame has a maximum extension of 16 inches high and 24 inches wide. Safety features include the tempered glass base (processed with chemicals or heat to strengthen the glass); the non-skid rubber feet to prevent tipping and the safety lock/locking mechanism. For better viewing options within the room this stand has a 30 degree rotation left or right along with a 5 degree negative tilt and 10 degree positive tilt. The cable management system keeps all cables tidy. The base and mounts are black but the column was manufactured in silver, red, blue, gold and black.


  • 2 height options
  • great tilt and rotation
  • suits televisions 30-52″ and up to 30kg (66lbs)
  • cable tidy system
  • non-skid feet
  • tempered glass
  • great tilt and rotation


  • not all column colour options may be available
  • frame can only cater for a television with mounts less than 16″ high and 24″ wide
  • TV has to be removed to adjust height if needed

In summary, weighing up the numerous features and taking into account the good and bad points mentioned above regards this television stand from OLLO you can be reassured that you will be buying a quality stand. Key to your purchasing decision will be whether your television will fit well on to the stand and be under the maximum weight.

Caution: Attaching a television above the weight limit even if it fits the frame could be dangerous and risk damage to your television or a small child or pet if in front of the television should it tip. Incorrect use will also likely void any warranty on either the stand or your television.