HDTV Reviews: oCOSMO CE4031 40-Inch MHL & Roku Ready LED TV

Obviously, when you are going to buy a TV or when you are considering to buy a TV, some of the brands that you will quickly think of are Toshiba. Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic among many others. However, did you know that there are other brands of high quality as these top brands that come in affordable prices? One classical example of these brands is oCOSMO. Though the name sounds strange, but it a brand that has introduced one of the top most quality TV designs in the market. And that’s why, this brand name is gaining attention in popular online sites such as amazon. Let’s look at one of its designs- oCOSMO CE4031 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz MHL & Roku Ready LED HDTV.


It is an attractive LED TV that comes in an ultra-thin design. In its design, simplicity was given prominence in the building of its coaxial that is easy to use and operate. One of its special features is its in built audio that can be used to provide sound for your personal computer. In the same context, it has a VGA port that can be translated into a monitor. Furthermore, it comes with a composite which usually has 3 ports of different colors-yellow, white, and red. Some of the features that you will also find on this TV are USB port, Head phone port, SPDIF, Analogue audio output, and two HDMI ports.

oCOSMO CE4031 MHL & Roku Ready LED HDTV is a 40 inch HD TV that produces high quality pictures. Nonetheless, it is a Roku ready TV with HDMI ports that provide a platform for attaching Roku devices. Amazingly, you can view the contents of your phone on this TV through attaching your phone on these HDMI ports.

The advantages of oCOSMO 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED MHL & Roku Ready HDTV are, you can view various video types such as MP4, produces high quality pictures, has a big screen size therefore provides good visibility, noise reduction, affordable, and has many ports. Its main drawbacks are it is somehow complicated to use one the first days and it has so many functions which require mastery.

Bottom Line

Generally, this is a good TV and the fact that it affordable makes it a must have TV. With the many features that it has, it is a good ideal for all individuals who want a new experience on TV. oCOSMO CE4031 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz MHL & Roku Ready LED HDTV is now the trend in the market.