Mounting Dream MD2381 TV Wall Mount Bracket Review

Buying electronic equipment today seems to be about much more than just the product itself – one has to buy accessories, equipment and extended features to fully utilize it. This is evident when buying a TV, which necessitates at the very least, a mounting mechanism, preferably a wall mount. In addition to reducing the form factor of the TV set, and allowing it to be easily installed on any bare surface, wall mounts offer structural support and portability of the set, all of which are important features as far as convenience is concerned. Here we will take a look at the Mounting Dream MD2381 TV Wall Mount Bracket, one of the company’s flagship products, and focus on what makes it better than it’s competition.

Flexible Mechanics and Sturdy Build

The very least thing a wall mount should be able to do is to securely hold the TV in place without compromising visibility. The MD2381 makes sure that this basic requirement is fulfilled, and then some more. The design includes a full motion dual articulating arm, with at least 3 independent motions, namely tilt, swivel and rotation, to ensure that the mounted TV set can be set up for optimal viewing angles from any part of the room. Mechanically, it’s ‘I’ shaped frame offers secure structural support while providing ample room for cabling and equipment. The whole structure is made out of heavy duty steel further reinforced by a powder coating. It also uses robotized welding and can support 99 lbs without any apparent distortion.

One Size Fits All

The Mounting Dream MD2381 was designed to ensure maximum compatibility, and it can fit a very wide variety of TVs, including some which have a unique cable output arrangement. The bracket can be adjusted to fit various 26-55″ TVs across many mainstream brands such as Samsung, LG, Vizio, Toshiba, Sharp and Sony. This makes upgrading to a larger screen TV that much more practical, since this wall mount will most probably be compatible with new products as well. The build is sturdy enough to ensure longevity for years, and the mount will serve it’s purpose without much complaint regardless of the kind of TV used on it.

Value For Money

The package deal for this bracket is extremely cost intuitive. A potential buyer will get the bracket and mounting equipment, along with handy accessories like a bubble level, an HDMI cable and 3 Velcro cable ties at an affordable price.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Compatibility for TVs of various sizes and brands
  • Offers real value for money


  • Installation of the product must be arranged by the purchaser at his/her expense


If you are in the market for a TV, then this mounting bracket should definitely be on your priorities list as far as accessories are concerned. Offering what it does at the price it sells for, the Mounting Dream MD2381 TV wall mount bracket could be just what you are looking for.