Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW220STB Digital Converter Box Review

Picking out an addition to the home movie theatre can be a tough job, since there are so many options available. Choosing the device that offers the most and still fits the lifestyle of the owner is the ideal option. One of the devices available is the Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW220STB Digital Converter Box, among other options.

Features and Specifications

  • Supports mp3 and aac audio formats
  • Supports avi, mpg, dat, vob, mkv and mp4 video formats
  • Converts OTA digital ATSC broadcast to analog or digital TV, computer monitor and projector
  • Has the ability to record TV show
  • USB multimedia player function
  • Equipped with HDMI port
  • Features karaoke function

Multiple format support

Supporting different formats is essential for a converter, since the format types are no longer limited to .avi files that used to be the main driving force behind the Windows media player and other older media players. This little device supports different video and photo file types, including JPEG, PNG and others. It also allows the user to play different audio files, ranging from mp3 and mp4 to rarer seen aac file type. This variety of supported formats allows the user limitless options of entertainment.

Quality Sound and Picture

Even though the device supports a vast array of file types known to tech savvy people, it does not forget about the quality of the files. The audio quality has been kept up to standards, and images are clear. Video files are high quality and easy on the eyes which is an important aspect for the health of the user.

Bonus features

The device offers its users a karaoke option for the adventurous users, and parental control option for younger users and their parents who want to have an option of restricting the content. It supports USB External Hard Drives, making it easy to use and add to the living room. On the possible output list is RF Out, Composite and Component Output as well as HDMI, being the most commonly used.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it has to be mentioned, that the device is small and compact. It weighs about a pound and the dimensions being 8.8 x 1.6 x 6.5 allow the users to move it from place to place easily. The Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW220STB Digital Converter Box can be concealed and hidden from the view and will work in any kind of living room. Since it comes with instructions, the installing should not cause any problems.