Loctek Curved Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket Review

Looking for wall mount bracket to securely mount your TV on your wall? Well, look no further! If your household is like mine, with busy toddlers, then the Loctek Curved Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket is the product you need to mount your big TV on perfectly on your wall. Let’s look at the review below to see whether this product is worth your hard-earned cash.

The automatic safety locking system

Now, if you have busy kids, this is a feature that should never miss out on your wall mount bracket. The kids may at times play around the T.V, and you know how one gets nervous, especially if it is a big and expensive T.V. I bought this product way back last year and i don’t have any worries nowadays, even with the playful kids! My T.V is securely attached on the mount and it feels very secure on the wall.

Full motion for maximum flexibility

If you are a great TV watcher or a Video game addict, you need a product that tilts your screen in any direction, for comfort and convenient purposes of Corse. With this wall mount bracket, you don’ need to move your T.V all around your room! You can extend, tilt or swivel your screen and enjoy viewing your T.V at every angle you desire. I just love how I can tilt and adjust my wall mount bracket, for a better angle and most important a better posture while watching my Sony screen.

Universal for most televisions with a very simple and easy installation

It is worth to mention that this wall mount bracket is fit for all Televisions either curved or flat, between 32” to 70”. Mine is a 75” curved sonny and it perfectly mounts my screen to the wall. Additionally, it was amazingly easy to install. It took me only a few minutes to install and within no short time, the whole system was working cool. Besides, it is relatively cheap compared to other wall mount Brackets


  • It’s a heavy-gauge TV mount
  • Great for Curved and Flat TVs
  • It’s able to hold 32″ – 70″ TVs weighing up to 99 lbs
  • Full motion for optimum flexibility
  • It’s UL certified, which means that it passes safety testing for load capacity four times greater than the 99 lbs stated for consumer use


  • This is may not a cheap TV mount, but it’s worth it


From the above review, you can see that this product does not cut corners when it comes to performance. if you are kind of person looking for Curved TV wall mount to secure your TV and avoid big losses then the Loctek Curved Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arm Swivel & Tilt for most of 32-70 Inches LED, LCD, Plasma, OLED TVs is just the perfect product for you. Well-made and very easy to use, I can tell for sure that I am extremely pleased with this product and it can be a great buy.