LG Electronics PF1500 Full HD Smart Home Theater Projector (2015 Model) Review

I had always wanted to upgrade from the home theatre system that I had in my home and I hadn’t a clue that one to advance to. After doing some research online and a very close friend recommendation, I got the LG Electronics PF1500 Full HD Smart Home Theater Projector.

Features and Specifications

  • Brightness: Up to 1400 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1
  • Full HD (1920 X 1080)
  • LG Smart TV (Netflix, Youtube)
  • Sync Controllable Bluetooth and out
  • Lamp Life: Up to 30,000 Hrs
  • Auto Keystone (Vertical)

Full HD Projector

This little monster has all the amazing features that I had been searching for. From the picture, which I must say is just amazing, to the sound as well as the overall viewing experience. To say that it is the most outstanding home theatre system that I have had the pleasure of using would be an understatement. It is portable but this is not just why it is in my living room, but because of the amazing quality of the picture that it provides. With full HD functionality, those live games are just brilliant to watch.

LED Projector with Smart TV

With a sound out of the Bluetooth option, it just takes the sound experience to a whole new level. The smart TV feature enables me to view crystal clear TV too which is just amazing. This also allows some Youtube and Netflix whenever I want. How awesome can it get with such an awesome feature inclusive?

Viewing Experience Up To 120-Inch Size

The brightness feature also provides the best picture as it is also easy to adjust. You don’t have to get worried about distortions that result as a result of turning your wall into a screen as other home theatre systems are fond of. This one just provides the best viewing possible. At first, I though this feature too good to be true, but when I got home and installed this home theatre, the feature was there. What I am talking about is, the fact that you can adjust it up to 120” size for the best in cinematic view experience. This just makes any movie or sport viewing a one on one affair. Imagine all that screen size really, it’s just great to have this in my living room.

In summary, the LG Electronics PF1500 Full HD Smart Home Theater Projector is basically what a projector should be like. Clear, vibrant pictures that are in HD and the biggest size that you can imagine. The fact that the sound quality too does not disappoint at all makes this little monster a must have. If you are into sports or movies like I am and are looking for the best view that you can have in your home, then I recommend this one any day.