HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics OLED65G6P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Flat Smart OLED TV

“The Revolution has began” the slogan of LG, one of two major giant of HDTV industry, reflected perfectly by one of their latest creation, the LG Electronics OLED65G6P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Flat Smart OLED TV. A new milestone of latest Display technology is going to be added in their product line of OLED HDTV. It’s not just a High Definition TV or only the numbers of horizontal or vertical lines, or how many pixels per lines (which known as “image resolution to define the smoothness of an image), Vibrancy of colors, lights and shadows, color brightness or HDR images with every smaller details. Nevertheless it is a smart, intelligent gadget like your laptop or iPhone with a built-in operating system, web OS 3.0 which enlighten it with the title “Smart TV”.

OLED Display technology

Obviously it’s using the latest and foremost “OLED” technology, which is a ongoing trend of the display manufacturer industry in the modern world of digital vision. Do not confuse yourself with the word “LED TV” became “OLEDTV” most of the consumers are now aware about it and clearly know that there is no LED TV technology at all. LED is a feature used with last LCD display technology for using as light source to back lit the screen to increase the brightness.

What is OLED? How it Works!

LED, a short form of “light emitting diode”, is a very common electronic components, a two lead semiconductor light source. OLED is the latest improvement of LED called organic LED, by using this new element a new type of screen has been invented. In this scenario, if your display use four thousand dot called pixels to draw an image on the screen and if it is an OLED screen, then you can say there are four thousands LEDs with polymorphic behavior (multiple layer in a single pixel for different colors like RGB). These thousands of LEDs create the on screen image by use the accurate values send from the source and make it possible of million combinations of colors and shades visible with a sharp image of maximum details captured by HDR method use during the shoot.

Infinite Contrast

Due to the working method and manufacturing process of OLED display can switch completely off to create perfect black. Therefore they called this feature infinite contrast, and for sure using OLED is the only possible way till now to get such feel in visualize image.

HDR image and its quality

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technique in Photography to capture an image by taking maximum possible shot (still photograph) using greater dynamic range of Brightness, between the lightest and darkest area of a scene and then merge all the shot and output the final image with every possible details. Thus the picture even looks more realistic and vibrant rather than the real scenario visible by human eyes.


Theoretically TRUE HD image means 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. But the OLED65G6P works in 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution mode which is almost four times of true HD image. In short more pixel and more lines makes more set of pixels which use to visualize the image on the screen. So, as much pixels you got the image quality is much more smooth and sharp. You can enlarge a small portion of it by many times without any noise or grain in the picture quality.

Cinematic View and 4K Resolution

LG OLED 4K TVs contain nearly 8.3 million (3840 X 2160) pixels, so the clarity and fine picture details will amaze anybody. The relation between the word cinematic view and 4K is quite complicated with some mathematics and other calculation. I don’t want to feel you bore with those things rather let me explain it in a simple manner to get an idea.

In the early age of cinema even till today cinematography is making movie use 35mm chemical quote celluloid film. So if we imagine a 35mm image taken by celluloid converted in digital bits and bytes format and became called the resolution than for getting as like as filmy feels we need almost 8.3 millions of color and luminescence information of the scene. So the term 4K come to the scene to say that you will get the same visual feel shoot with 35mm film, because even today many famous directors do not agree with this term 4k image is the exact transformation of 35mm film image.

Cinematic Color

In the voice of LG OLED65G6P OLED TVs display Cinematic Color with a color palette that virtually matches those seen in today’s high-end digital cinemas. Now the home theater experience is on a par with real theaters.

webOS 3.0 Smart TV

web OS 3.0 is just a start of a new era of visual industry which combined the TV and The Internet platform together which is acclaimed by LG as Smart TV platform, adding advanced new features transform The HDTV as a smart gadget with a new exploration of the world of internet to general consumers.


  • It’s a Smart TV
  • It’s a 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Ultra Thin and so less weight than any other TV of this screen size
  • Incorporates HDR Pro technology for greater picture detail
  • Almost every modern facility includes internet features email, browsing everything is available in it.


  • The major point of view of a consumer about any product is the cost and availability. In that sense the price is higher than any other TV of this size of screen with OLED screen.
  • With the extended feature of Web OS 3.0, with lots of feature, make it little bit complicated in operation. If the consumer is not over smart than this LG Smart OLED TV


In that sense we could say that it is one of most recent product with every blessing of TV and the internet technology. Nevertheless the LG Electronics OLED65G6P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Flat Smart OLED TV can be a real Smart HDTV, which is almost a hundred percent perfect for anyone’s living room.