HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 98UB9810 98-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

The LG Electronics 98UB9810 98-inch 4K Ultra HD is a high quality HD TV that comes with smart features for the ultimate functionality. It comes with features like the HEVC decoder, IPS 4K panel and is of 4K resolution among others. These smart features greatly boost its operation and therefore it will guarantee you 100% efficiency. This is one of the world’s best HD TVs.

4K Resolution

This smart TV has the best screen resolution that will enable you a clear view. Its resolution is four times that of the Full HD 1080p, hence very perfect. This is just more than what you may expect. This is the only HD TV that allows you view vivid pictures and colors. Get it today and you will be amazed by its quality service.

HEVC Decoder

LG Electronics 98UB9810 4K Ultra HD TV comes with High Efficiency Video Coding. It is a very powerful that allows for the best 4K content display. Through this, you will be able to get the best from your HD TV because it operates in a unique and classic way. Enjoy quality entertainment today by getting this HD TV and you will definitely love it.

The smart share

With this world-class TV, you will be able to share all you need from other devices like tablet or smart phone. You can share videos, your favorite songs and even some gorgeous snaps. It provides several ways of sharing for example, you can use your laptop to send directly or through your home network. This will enable you to view them on the large screen together with friends or family members.

Dual play

The HD TV also allows for double play as two players can play at the same time without actually splitting the screen. This makes it very reliable and convenient. This is the best HD TV that will provide beyond your expectation. Get it today for quality service you can trust.

The other features include: 2D to 3D conversion, 4K 3D+, UCI 1560, Unblur the action, LG Smart TV and Premium 4K resolution content among others.


  • It has the best resolution
  • Allows for double play
  • Can convert 2D to 3D
  • Comes with HEVC Decoder for better display of 4K content
  • It also allows you to share photos, music and videos with friends and family.


  • The large display of pictures may be unfavorable to others but when you sit some distance quite far from the TV, you will find it very perfect.

LG Electronics 98UB9810 4K Ultra HD TV is therefore a classic and unique HD TV that comes with the best features. It is very convenient in its functions, hence guarantees the best service ever. The resolution is very excellent and other services like sharing of videos and music makes it the ultimate HD TV. This is the world’s best HD TV for quality you can trust.