HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 55EG9100 55-inch 1080p 3D Curved Smart OLED TV (2015 Model)

It is where you get your news and entertain your guests. It brings your family together. The TV is the main focus of your living room. It is both the centerpiece and the center of attention, so you want something that compliments the surroundings. The LG Electronics 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved Smart OLED TV does just that. With its large, curved screen, it is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also fascinating to watch.

Features and Specifications

  • Fast Refresh Rate. The LG 55EG9100 can refresh the image on screen in 0.1 microseconds
  • This LG OLED TV doesn’t need a backlight so it has deep blacks and it is possible to have ultra thin profile
  • It’s a Smart TV
  • Comes with Magic Remote

Faster Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is much faster than on other TV models. This gives images a more fluid motion and eases eye strain. See, the moving pictures on your TV screen are really a series of images advanced from one to the next so quickly that your eyes see it as motion. The faster the refresh rate, the less flickering and blurry the movement is. This makes for a much sharper image with more detail than ever before. It also reduces ‘tearing’. Tearing in the effect of part of a picture hanging back from the rest before it snaps into place.

No Backlighting

In case you don’t know what backlight is, it is literally the lights in the back of your TV that allow LCD TVs to project an image. The OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, TVs don’t require backlighting, so they are much thinner and produce deeper blacks for a more vivid picture. As an added bonus, it saves energy, too. The OLED uses a carbon panel that emits its own light when electricity passes through it, requiring less energy than other TVs.

Smart Capability

This TV is internet and Web 2.0 ready. Integrate your computer and TV for the ultimate experience. Now you can play movies or games and view other internet content right on your TV screen for an astounding experience. Download apps to personalize your Smart TV and make it your own. Search, watch videos, show off pictures and more from the comfort of your living room. Enjoy the images on the curved screen for the ultimate viewing.

In summary, the LG Electronics 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved Smart OLED TV makes everything you watch more lifelike. It produces an incredible picture giving you the most amazing viewing experience ever. The curved screen gives you get a much richer image than with a flat screen. A wider field of view and sharper edges gives you a much nicer performance. So whether you are watching movies with the family, showing guests your vacation photos or playing a fast-paced video game, you can enrich your TV time with the latest technology.