HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 49LF5500 49-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model)

Year by year the TV technology has been evolving at a very fast pace. It was only a few years ago that people used to buy standard definition TVs and now is the age of Ultra Wide High Definition TVs with screen sizes bigger than we had imagined. LG is one of those companies who is synonymous with the production of high quality, top of the line TVs which display technology which blows other rivals out of the water. And with steep competition in the TV market from other competitors LG has really upped their game with the LG Electronics 49LF5500 49-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV with it’s gorgeous thin design and Triple XD Engine power line the beautiful display for this FullHD TV. The size of the TV falls perfectly in what many might consider the ‘goldilocks’ region where with 49″ it is not too huge and also not too small but fits perfectly in your house where your entire family can enjoy. So lets take a closer look at some of the features this TV is to offer:

Refresh Rate (60Hz)

The LG 49LF5500 display panel provide an impressive refresh rate of 60Hz provides the users to view their content at 60 frames per second which is brilliant when it comes to playing of games on your TV with a console or for watching a sporting event. The refresh rate of 60Hz provides an absolutely smooth experience all the while keeping the image sharp and crisp. Watching content in at 60fps is something this TV does very well and provides the user with a very satisfying experience.

LED Display

LED display essentially uses these tiny, light emitting diode to illuminate the picture. The LED display is quickly becoming the industry standard due to its superiority over the older CCFL technology which helps in creating very thin TVs which excellent image quality and sharpness. The LED display also facilitates the use of FullHD 1080p display standard which provides the users with completely breathtaking images. Having almost double the amount of pixels than a SD display, FullHD gives a very clear and detailed representation of the image.

Variety of ports

The LG 49LF5500 has sufficient amount of variety of ports which the users can use to connects their various peripheral devices. The comes with 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 RF, component, Digital Audio Out(optical), composite, RS232 port each. These ports give the users ample options to connect their peripheral devices like their stereo system or their gaming consoles.

Triple XD engine

The LG 49LF5500 is powered by a Triple XD engine which is LG’s new innovative display technology and in simple words what it basically does is that it takes the image on the screen and enhances the color, contrast and clarity giving the image more detail and a realistic look. It does this by constantly analysing the picture signal which provides very sharp images thus bringing the images to life. It also helps in reducing motion blur which makes the movement of objects on the screen flawless and realistic.


  • Sharp FullHD 1080p display
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • It is Energy Star qualifies
  • LED display consumes less energy
  • Triple XD Engine
  • Excellent for gaming


  • Lacks smart functionality
  • Doesn’t have excellent sound quality (in my opinion)

Thus, all in all the LG Electronics 49LF5500 49-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV is a great feat of engineering which provides excellent image quality and even though it lacks the smart and 3D capabilities, it more than makes up for it with its beautifully slim design, ease of use and its crisp 1080p display for the price that it is being offered at. So any one who is in the market for a value for money FullHD TV then the LG 40LF5500 should be one of their first choices.