HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 43LX341C HDTV

Ideal for surrounding your visitors and customers with a beautiful and engaging multimedia experience, the LG Electronics 43LX341C HDTV is a commercial class HDTV flat screen display for public and private commercial visual and audio exhibition. It has a 43 inch full HD panel with Edge backlight, integrated analog and digital tuners, and is rich with features that make it ideal particularly for a business environment featuring multiple displays. An anti-interference remote control option and the ability to share settings between LG TVs are designed with multi-display setups in mind.

Features and specifications

  • It’s a Full HD TV with 1920×1080 of resolution
  • Features USB cloning
  • Welcome screen
  • Comes with Multi IR function
  • Can play and record videos to USB

External speaker out for audio throughout your business area

External speakers and audio surround systems can be connected to the TV so that visitors can enjoy enhanced audio to suit each environment within your business location. They can also be given the ability to control the sound volume for the nearest display, or even the whole connected system. You could feed audio to add your desired message and ambience to areas out of visual range of the display, such as corridors and restrooms. Connectivity is completed by all the popular standards, with input connections for PC, RGB and AV inputs for video or still cameras. There is a built-in media player to take full advantage of the 2 high speed USB 2.0 inputs for stored photo, audio and video. These inputs can, of course, also be used for computers and portable devices, games and entertainment consoles, and for recording TV program immediately or at a later time from the display. An optical digital audio output completes the connections, in addition to the external speaker.

Solutions and connections for multiple displays

Once you have one LG commercial display set up to your liking, it’s an automated and time saving procedure to copy all its settings to other TVs using a USB stick. Or multiple displays can be physically connected with RS232C cables that are available separately, allowing shared volume and power settings among multiple TVs. To eliminate the nuisance of interference between remote controls for different TVs nearby, a Multi-IR option is available.

The 43LX341C can be wall mounted or positioned on its detachable stand, and is compatible with the Kensington Lock anti-theft security system.

Create the right first impression with the Welcome Screen

A Welcome Screen feature comes as standard. It enables simple creation of a welcoming splash screen with engaging images, company name or logo and a warm message. Naturally, this feature is easily transferred between displays with USB Cloning.

In summary, all these features make the LG Electronics 43LX341C HDTV an attractive, dynamic, easily configurable solution for information and entertainment. It offers a slim advanced, modern first impression with a beautiful picture to engage your visitors’ attention. The TV features multiple viewing modes optimized for movies, sports, games and still images, and it really comes alive when multiple displays are combined in a networked system across a whole space. They can be operated individually or in combination to provide broadcast TV, information, sound and vision playback and recording across your business environment.