HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 32LF595B 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Currently, the LG Electronics 32LF595B 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) is unquestionably the most fashion forward television set in its class. For an affordable price tag, the LG 32LF595B gets everything right especially when it comes to the general performance and the video quality. The LG 32LF595B is also an attractive option for those individuals who are looking to access online content at a much affordable price. Regardless of the fact that the LG 32LF595B cannot be compared with other large sized smart television sets, the set is still able to deliver a number of dazzling features thus making it standout from other sets of similar sizes. All in all, this television set is definitely one of the very few television sets that gets the work done.

Cutting Edge Design

The television set features a discretely centered LG logo together with a slim gunmetal, gray stained bezel top, which is supported by a stylish pair of rectilinear legs on both ends. The wide stylish design thus implies that the television set cannot be placed on a surface that is less than 29 inches wide. Apart from the attractive design, one cannot simply, go without acknowledging the uniqueness of the look that LG electronics decided to go with. Unlike all the other television sets in its class, the LG 32LF595B avoids the homogeneity of the television industry’s proclivity for black panel on a squared stand look that is very common among the low-priced television sets.

The remote control is much similar to that of its predecessor and other mid-range television models. All the keys on the remote control are strategically placed and very responsive when pressed. Towards the rear end of the television set, there are several composite inputs, RS-232C, a coaxial jack and a USB port. For individuals who might be looking for a television set that will allow them to connect several devices to the set, then the LG 32LF595B is a right fit because it has been concocted with two HDMI ports.

Superior Image Quality

LG television sets are widely known for the ability to produce wonderful pictures and the LG 32LF595B does not fall short of this mark. As a brainchild of LG electronics, the LG 32LF595B has been concocted with several picture modes that allows the user to switch from one mode to another with much ease. The cinema option is the warmest amongst all the color modes since it produces the best balance between the contrast, color and brightness. Needless to say, the color that is produced by the set is much closer to real-life hence even the smallest and unnoticeable detail in a picture is easily noted.

In addition, the set also incorporates the use of the LG’s Triple XD Video Technology together with a 60 HZ refresh rate to achieve a much superior image quality. On one hand the Triple XD video technology is used to enhance the picture quality and also provide features such as up scaling and deinterlacing. On the other hand, the 60 HZ refresh rate is used to combat distortion especially in scenes with fast moving images.

Performance and Other Features

When it comes to performance, the LG 32LF595B is in a class of its own especially when compared with its close rivals. The quad core processor is the main highlight of the LG 32LF595B since very few 32 inch television sets have been fitted with a similar processing unit. The highly impressive unit was incorporated into this television set so that it can be able to handle a multitude of tasks without any difficulties or effects of performance. Another outstanding feature is the LG content share and Screen share technologies that allows the user to share content such as videos or pictures wirelessly to other devices i.e. tablets and smartphones.


  • The quad core processor means that the set can be able to run several tasks without affecting the picture quality or its general performance. The processing unit also makes this television set ideal for heavy gamers
  • The LG video processing unit ensures that picture quality is more lifelike thus enhancing the user experience.
  • Fast moving images can be viewed without any distortion.


  • Despite the superior image quality, the LG 32LF595B is still far from achieving full HD status.


Just by taking one look at the price tag, it becomes very easy to see the appeal. By combining the resolution, price tag and the picture quality, there is no reason why the LG Electronics 32LF595B 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) could not fit in your house quite nicely.