HDTV Reviews: LG Electronics 65UF9500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

LG is a pioneer in innovating new technologies and bringing the latest products into market with utmost brilliance. Given its track record for brilliant products, it is a no brainer that the UF9500 series will be delivering exactly the same. The UF9500 is the newly released product which is available in three sizes – 55, 65 and 79 inches.


The WebOS Smart TV platform is a selling point for LG’s TV’s. It can allow you to switch from shows and app with an intuitive interface. You can easily find services you want to see at one place and receive recommendations for content suiting your choice .It is also fitted with IPS (In-Plane switching) which can deliver the best off-axis performance than its competitors. The 4K Upscaler can convert your content flawlessly into 4K and you can also watch 4K content by streaming content online or via USB.


On the whole the UF9500 is extremely attractive and sleek. The TV looks striking and it’s extremely slim design can seamlessly blend in with your home’s decor. The dimensions with stand are 57.3” x 35.3” x 9.8” and without stand 57.3” x 33.3” x 1.9. Although it’s a massive 65 inches but it only weighs 65.2 lbs. with stand and 56.2 lbs. without stand.

Ultra HD

The UF9500 has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and produces sharper and detailed images making it perfect for watching movies, documentaries and sports among others. The advantage of 4K or Ultra HD is the fact that you can sit close to the TV and not see the pixel structure at all. It is capable of producing images which are similar to that of Apple Retina display.


This is one of the key features of the UF9500 which utilizes different phosphor-based LEDs to display images which seem more real and produces a greater color depth. It increases the color gamut by 25 percent making you see shades you never knew existed.


IPS 4K is the display panel capable of producing exquisite pictures. This feature is the best kept secret of LG’s unmatched performance. It can deliver true colors from any angle and fortunately you can sit anywhere in your house and view the picture in its vivid colors.


The back panel connectivity is sturdy and it includes four HDMI ports, three USB ports, one video in port, one composite in port, Ethernet and in-built Wi-Fi. The TV also has a Wi-Fi share mode which enables the use of Wi-Fi direct and WiDi. It offers smart TV with 3D and you can use a whole lot of services like Netflix, YouTube, games and some 3D content.


It should also sound better than any other TV thanks to its advanced sound system by harman/kardon. After all what good is watching stunning pictures without brilliant sound quality. LG understands the importance and ships the TV with the brilliant in-built speakers changing your experience of watching TV at your home to that of a movie theatre.

In-box accessories

The package of the TV includes a bundle of accessories including LG’s Magic Motion remote, two pairs of 3D glasses.


  1. Extra slim design
  2. Brilliant picture quality
  3. Ease of use by webOS
  4. Flawless audio and video quality


  1. Too pricey for some people


The new LG is a knock out and a must buy for those who can afford it!