HDTV Reviews: LG 43LF540T 43″ Slim Full HD 1080P Multi-System LED TV

LG products enjoy superlative leadership in the market of home entertainment and consumer durable products. The LG 43LF540T Slim Full HD 1080P Multi-System LED TV justifies the legacy of the brand, offering exceptional features to give the buyers a never-before session of home entertainment.

It is the positive vibes and the feeling of happiness persisting over the ambiance of the house that makes your home the heavenly abode. It is with this objective to impart happiness and cut the boredom that you install the home entertainment devices. In the category of home entertainment product, LG is the leader that offers the widest range of option on home entertainment devices. The LG 43LF540T television is the latest addition to the unparalleled portfolio from LG.

How the device looks like?

The LG 43LF540T Slim Full HD 1080P model features trendy and sleek design that would surely make you fall in love with it. The Television set features a dimension of 10x10x10 inches and it comes In a timelessly-classic shade of black.

A truly multi-system home entertainment device

Multi-system televisions are developed so that people can use the device universally. In that regard, the LG 43LF540T is truly a universal device to serve consumers around the world. The TV is capable to display videos across SECAM, PAL as well as NTSC system.

The multi system orientation enables the television to produce High definition video and it features High-definition interface for multimedia.

Keys features of the TV that would impress you for sure

LG 43LF540T television incorporates triple-XD engine for video processing and features 8-picture ratio modes. The model had been equipped with USB, Component Video, double-composite video and double HDMI inputs that would enable the users to connect verities of external audio-video sources.

You can look forward for relishing crystal clear sounds as the model supports the Dolby-digital audio. It carries 2 5W speakers.

LG 43LF540T television includes control to adjust the brightness of the backlight and a function ha been incorporated to put off the visuals while you enjoy the audio. Aside, there is the Zero Function stand by mode that allows the television to hibernate effectively. All these features makes the television highly energy efficient.


  • Full HD TV (with resolution of 1920 x 1080)
  • Multi System: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • LED Backlight display technology
  • LG’s triple XD video processing engine inside
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Equipped with 2 HDMI and a USB ports for easy connecting to HD devices


  • It’s not a Smart TV
  • Lacks of information on 3D Technology

The verdict

LG products are hallmarked with its capacities to surpass the expectation of the buyers and offer them the best values for their money. The LG 43LF540T 43″ Slim Full HD 1080P Multi-System LED TV would certainly justify the reputation of the brand.