KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080P 3D Media Player

The KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080p is a high end media player that is highly advanced and surpasses most recent technology. It has 1186 3D chipset and also supports movie playback on 3D TV. It has a 3.5’’ HDD bay (HDD is not included). This High Definition multimedia player is a device that is extremely easy to set up. It is accompanied with a number of cables that ensures starting up is an easy and efficient process.

The most interesting aspect of the KDLINKS HD720 is the movie section where you can download movies and also all the information you may need about the movie. You simply click on the movie choice in the menu and you are ready to set up your movie playlist. You can also get the movie posters and other art posters to go along with the movies you have download. Another amazing feature about this media player is that you can watch the movie preview. A small window pops up on the left part of the screen and previews the movie and then you can decide whether you want to watch the movie or not.

The media player also allows you to see how fast the network is running so you can easily predict whether the movie you are watching will start buffering or not. The media player also plays different formats and media types. This is because it has an inbuilt codec to play various types of music formats. You can also change the resolution on the screen but the most preferred is the 1080p. The media player is a silent machine so you do not hear any sounds when the media is playing.


  • Comes with a free HDMI cable
  • Has built in Wi-Fi
  • Can play all formats such as VOB, ISO, FLAC and CUE


  • This may not be for you if you are a huge fan of another brand


With all the advantages taken into consideration, the KDLINKS HD720 is of a high quality media player. In case you are looking for a media player that has the ability to play virtually all formats such as VOB, ISO, CUE and FLAC, then the KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080P 3D Media Player can your best choice.