HDTV Reviews: Hisense 65H10B2 65-Inch Curved 4K 120 Hz Smart ULED TV (2015 Model)

Today life is amazing with the great innovation and colorful television as Hisense 65H10B2 65-Inch Curved 4K 120 Hz Smart ULED TV that brings the real touch and image portray with true theater -quality and fitting the digital world. Well, it has made TV close to real life as possible. Entertainment is the backbone of refreshment and procreation and enables one to fully understand the theme of a given program, the clarity of the image is evident enough of what having a clear and nice television at home means. This TV series has brought the real meaning in the film and media industry as the content and concept of every program is well understood.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s a 4K TV that delivers 4x pixels than common Full HD (1080p) TVs
  • It’s a Smart TV
  • A curved TV for better viewing angle
  • Comes with Ultra Smooth Motion Rate to minimize motion shaking
  • Incorporates dynamic backlight control with Smart Peaking
  • Equipped with 4 HDMI ports with 3 USB ports and LAN port for Ethernet
  • Includes remote controls


The size 65” curved screen provides a more spacious and great view age for theater and home entertainment. With this king of TV you are rest assured that the audience will get the right picture at any given angle. Ultra Smooth Motion rate for minimal shaking and blur of moving images, this is the real sense of why having such a TV will bring much excitement with calm and live and sharp images. The ULED is a back light control technology that use of small crystals (5 to 20 nanometres in size) as light and color source makes it a real resolution and quality picture.

Bluetooth and Standard (IR) Remote Control

Accessories that come packed with Hisense 65H10B2 is an Infrared remote control to ease your control from any position in the room, 8 screws, power cord and a manual guide for easy set up and guiding you through when interconnecting. The remote enables the user to turn on the TV and also to stream content from the variety of Apps. The Bluetooth Remote has voice recognition to speak your commands. It is light at hand and the best ultimate companion for you and the TV for easy control.

A variety of Inputs

It has a well integrated input with various ports for the various connections. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports enabling movies and music outsourcing of memory sticks, hard drives and the keyboard for video games, LAN port for Ethernet with video and audio connections. This enables the user to have a variety of options interconnections. It can also connect to the internet without having to use the cables with an in built dual-band/dual-channel Wi-Fi

Quality sound

The sound quality of this TV is amazing, it has a built in speakers with Total Sonics, volume and Surround. They enhance the bass, volume and sound and therefore there is no need of the sound bar or external audio device to bring forth the needed sound.


With this type of a TV in the market, it has made entertainment real-to-life with the comfort and excitement that comes with it. It is made to standard of the modern technology era where internet is the driving forces enabling you to connect to online channels, games and other apps. The size is amazing 65” for a wide viewing at halls and at home. What the best choice is it when you have the Hisense 65H10B2 65-Inch Curved 4K 120 Hz Smart ULED TV?