What You Should Know about HDR (High Dynamic Range)

There is a new feature coming out for televisions for the 2016/2017 shopping year. TV sets are now being made in HDR or high dynamic range. This will allow the TV set to use more pixels when a show is made in LCD. This will increase the brightness of the show as well as the clarity of the images. There will also be an improved contrast between images. This will improve overall picture quality.

High dynamic range will show the variations in colors and contrast. It will improve depth perception as well. This is considered to be a major advancement in the color of television. Bright colors that appear on the screen will be bolder, there will be improved details for showing shadows, and there will be images that appear to be lighter than others. It will also work on scenes where there is sunlight outside of the room or when the sunlight is entering a certain part of the room. The picture will allow a certain part of the room to be lit up and this will be visible on television screen. Since this is a new development in television it will be in short supply and high demand for the better part of the year.


Companies such as LG and Sony are currently testing models of this television. All of the manufactures will need to work together to make the HDR television the same experience. It makes them a little while to get on the same page and make certain decision. Many people feel that this picture is going to be the next bring advancement for televisions and will further improve the color and the television viewing experience. With a clear picture quality and enhanced color this television should be a big seller once it is available to the masses.