HDTV Reviews: Axess TVD1803-24 24-Inch 1080p Digital LED Full HDTV

Televisions have long come from the days of being just radios with motion pictures. Today they are innovative with new features and technologies which greatly enhance the viewing experience. There are TVs of all sizes which cater to a multitude of budgets in the market. Most of them do a good job at displaying the broadcast directly but what if you wanted to sit back and enjoy your personal movie and music collection in the middle of nowhere? Would you lug around a standalone DVD player along with your TV? Is it worth the extra baggage? Enter, the Axess 24-inch Digital LED Full HD TV (Model – TVD1803-24) which includes a built-in DVD player.

Quality Picture and Sound

Boasting a Full HD display with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this TV delivers sharp and vibrant pictures. The 16:9 aspect ratio ensures that movies and HD videos come to life full screen. It can display 16.7 million colors with a 600:1 contrast ratio with no artifacts which ensures maximum true color reproducibility. The best part is that this TV can tune both analog and digital signals and store them in memory so you are not just limited by the availability of cable while you’re sailing the high seas or camping in a tent. The built-in AC3 decoder ensures full compatibility with the Dolby sound format for that theater-esque sound effect.

Multiple Input Options

This TV boasts of a built-in DVD player which lets you play back any type of media you throw at it – be it DVD movies, MP3s, pictures etc. There is also support for SD cards, should you be interested in perusing the pictures and videos you took during the vacation in full HD. It also has a cable/antenna RF in port should you need one for over-the-air (OTA) channel tuning. This, along with a plethora of other connectivity options like HDMI, PC-RGB input (VGA), USB port, Component-in and USB, ensure that your entertainment needs are met no matter whatever peripheral you choose to connect to the TV.

Power Compatibility

This 24 Inch LED TV is compatible with both AC and DC power inputs which means you can safely use a car battery with a 12V DC supply and be entertained on the move. The maximum power consumption is less than 48W. It does not strain your battery when connected to it. Of course, you can also connect it to the mains using the power supply provided for uninterrupted entertainment. It saves more than 0.5W of power making it a very economical TV in terms of power consumption.


  • Full HD picture with high contrast ratio
  • AC3 sound compatibility
  • Built in DVD player and SD card slot
  • Multiple input options
  • OTA channel tuning and storage
  • Can be used with a 12V car battery
  • Economical use of power


  • Wall mounting the TV requires some manual work
  • Viewing angles are not that great
  • Output volume can be sometimes low


Overall, the Axess 24-inch Digital LED Full HD TV is a great bargain for those who wish to get entertained on the move. It can become a good companion in the kitchen or just about any place when you’re in need of some entertainment. There are some minor cons like low viewing angles and weak sound but the power compatibility and input options more than make up for these cons. The built-in DVD player and SD card slot take the hassle out of carrying multiple peripherals and make this TV a one-stop entertainment platform.